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[FOR SALE] MC Praetorian Meshmask - 9,325 yen
On behalf of Wagonofdoom, I'm selling his Multicam Praetorian meshmask, unique in Japan, won't be imported again.

See this thread for more info about it.

This mask has never been wore nor used yet, literally, since wagonofdoom didn't even have the time to pick it up yet.

Payment goes naturally to wagonofdoom through Paypal, since he already paid me for the mask before.

I can deliver the mask in Tokyo, although my schedule is rather busy, I can try to find time for it.

Let me know if you're interested, price is same as when ordered before: 9,325Yen.

Is this the full face version, or half?
Full. The 1/2 is called Stalker.
Q - Thanks for the clarification.

Ycare / wagonofdoom - Thanks for the offer, it's tempting, but I'm going to pass and stick with my goggles.

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