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The TV show and Movie Mentioning Thread
Nice find Tobo - looks really intense - and the best part is that it's all real combat footage.

Ycare - here is what I found:
"...will be released theatrically as a National Geographic Entertainment presentation of an Outpost Films Production in July, and will have it's worldwide television premiere on the National Geographic Channel this fall."

The movie won the 2010 Grand Jury Prize for documentary at the Sundance Film Festival... The Tokyo Film Festival will be in October this year, but they haven't determined what movies will be playing yet. If this one is playing, I'll definitely try and get tickets. (and will still be checking online for the blu-ray release date).

In the meantime, I think I'll buy the book "War" (written by one of the two journalists in Restrepo) and give that a try.

Will let you guys know how the book goes and if I find more info on the movie.
Thanks for the info!
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On Restrepo:
Book - I read "War" by Sebastian Junger on the three flights I took over the past few weeks. It was a good read, and basically was the same thing as this article (linked below), except a few hundred pages longer. (Same author, and much of the article appears in the book word-for-word).

There were a lot more firefights and psychological studies in the book, and it got annoying switching around and around, but I enjoyed the read quite a bit and would recommend it as a good read. Note that it doesn't talk about politics or any of that b.s., it focuses on the men in the valley and their dedication to one another.

All this said, I read about one book every four years, so I don't have much to compare to.

Movie - "Restrepo" is starting to be released in theaters in the US right now, but no word on when it'll be available in Japan, on US bases, or ultimately, on Blu-Ray.

The photographer that co-directed the movie (Tim Hetherington) won the World Press Photo of the Year 2007 for this photo:
I just finished watching the new Nikita pilot for the show that started. The story line picks up after Nikita escaped and she is on the run. But there's a twist to it, she wont's to take down division that she use to work for.

Here's a link telling about the show and this one is to the trailer
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Just finished watching this and definitely worth a download -

'Bravo's Deadly Mission'

In February 2010, US Marines launched the biggest operation since the start of the war in Afghanistan: Operation Mushtaraq. Bravo's Deadly Mission covers hour-by-hour the entire operation to liberate the strategically vital town of Marjah in February and contains some of the most intense fighting footage ever caught on camera.

Filmed under extremely dangerous circumstances and in the toughest conditions imaginable, this Dispatches special is an extraordinary human story and an unflinching portrayal of war at first hand.

Operation Mushtaraq was massive news all over the world when it happened. But only one journalist was with the Marines inside Marjah. Ben Anderson spent two months with Bravo Company 1/6 Marines, eating, sleeping, running and sweating alongside them every step of the way.

The access he achieved and the 50 hours of battle footage he obtained is intimate and unprecedented and forms the basis of this extraordinary film. The result is unlike any other war documentary: personal, intense, incredibly close-up and dangerous.

Bravo Company was the first and only platoon dropped into the centre of Marjah. These young Marines found themselves in a maze of IEDs, bunkers, trenches and ambushes, set by very well-trained fighters.

The film features strong characters such as Captain Sparks, a Special Forces veteran of Falluja, Haditha and Afghanistan who's charged with seeing the young Marines in his charge through to the bitter end of the operation. Thoughtful and insightful, Sparks knows this is the most dangerous mission of his life. He knows they will lose men. He knows he takes responsibility when that happens.

Made by a BAFTA and Grierson award-winning team, the film returns to Marjah four months after the original invasion to find IEDs again being laid just 2km from the Marines' base, Taliban fighters, including snipers, still active and mobile, and a local population that is far from won over.

Bravo's Deadly Mission is a breathtaking film that shows just how dangerous and difficult the situation in southern Afghanistan has become, and how hard it will be to turn around.
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Update to my previous posts on Restrepo - looks like the dvd and blu-ray are available for pre-order and will be released December 7, 2010 on Amazon U.S.
(16-10-2010, 11:55 AM)psycho Wrote: Update to my previous posts on Restrepo - looks like the dvd and blu-ray are available for pre-order and will be released December 7, 2010 on Amazon U.S.

Been really looking forward to this one, the trailer looks amazing.
Doh!.. hijacked with an update to something thats not even out yet...

Still, Restrepo does look VERY good. in the mean time though I suggest watching Bravo's Deadly Mission as mentioned above.
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Lookin forward to findin that on piratebay ^^

One movie I'm really excited to watch is THE LONE SURVIVOR. it's based off Marcus Luttrell's book and his experience in Afghanistan. And he lives a couple block away from him in Texas, and i met him during the 4th of July this summer. Really great guy.
Did anyone bother to take a look at the doco that i posted yet? I want to hear some feedback because I really enjoyed it.
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I downloaded last night.
I had to do some searching.

Will watch on my way to Hiroshima tonight.
Lemme know guys where you found it, cuz I can't seem to find any source.
There is an interesting discussion about this documentary on military photos. Page 2 has some interesting points. Comment 18 was the MOST informative for me Smile

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