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The TV show and Movie Mentioning Thread
Just thought I'd start this thread off because I wanted to mention a show I just started watching:

Chris Ryan's: Strike Back

Now this is only a low budget satellite drama but if you can get passed all that then I think this might be worth your time. Its based on a novel by Chris Ryan who was a member of the famed SAS Bravo Two Zero squad back during the first gulf war.

Anyway, check out the trailer and if you are intrigued download the torrent.
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Edited to keep on track.

I enjoyed your recommendation of the pacific, so might give this a go as well.
maybe the serie is good. I couldn't bear the trailer with its 1 second shots.
Looking forward to that, also trailer gives headache.
Just saw it a few days ago

Street Fighter Legacy

I bet this will please all Street Fighter fans who got fed up with Street Fighter (the one with van Damme) and Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li Big Grin
Heh, dropping a joke into a thread is considered taking it off track?
I kinda expected my comment to get wiped, but that wasn't the reason I thought I'd see. Big Grin
No it was deleted because it wasn't appropriate and someone wrote me to say that your post completely ruined the thread. I removed 2 or 3 posts that you must have missed to bring things back on track.
Just watched part4 and 5 of Strike back. really good story line so far.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Ok, so I caught up with Strike Back, and here's my opinion:

- First I was "wow, this is awesome, real nice action and fairly interesting plot"
- Then I was like "Ok, saving the kids and the big cliche with the African Sister, it's real lame, but I guess they try to to broaden their audience. Still boring and with outcome really obvious, no surprise at all".
- Then the whole thing went to bananas, and it's basically one big joke, nothing makes sense anymore, and not just story wise: grenades exploding like missile strikes, people sniping with AKs in full auto, land mines in the bloody middle of nowhere with no remote reason whatsoever besides adding some thrill, more grenades exploding into big balls of fires and demolishing buildings, ammo unlimited half of the time (the main character's rifles have like 200 bullets each, handgun included, pretty cool), etc...

It's still a nice entertaining British TV show, but it's always so easy to guess what's gonna happens next, with zero to none twists beside the 2nd/3rd's episode.
Oh, and I really want one of those grenade, the one they use in the last episode at the very end. The goddam thing wiped out like 10 guys and vaporized a whole house. That's some high Brit technology going on there! Big Grin
haha! happy you are enjoying it. I never expected much "realism" from a Sky 1 drama so I'm pretty happy with how its going. I think the reason that the grenade which as you put it "wiped out like 10 guys and vaporized a whole house" was because half those guys that ran into the house were carrying RPGs.

About the mine field though. Afghanistan is the most mined place in the world. All those mines are left over from the Soviets when they tried to invade :-

"According to the United Nations, 10 million landmines litter the Afghan countryside, the lingering effects of a prolonged civil war and occupation by Soviet troops"

So its pretty believable that they would stumble across much a minefield is the middle of nowhere like that. There has been a huge amount of mine-strike incidents in the middle of deserts in which the British have lost a lot of soldiers and equipment.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Mmmmh, ok, fair enough for the mine field I guess. Still skeptical on the magic grenade exploding with the force of a 100kg of C4, but whatever :p

Not familiar with the Sky 1 channel, so I came with no prejudice ^^

Well, still entertaining. The two main guys looked really alike though, in the early episodes I was completely confused by who was who, especially when they were in uniform ^^
Oh, reminds me of a confusion I first made with two other Brits I know... Big Grin
Does anyone have any thoughts on The Unit?
It is playing on cable, and I am wondering if it is worth catching?
I started watching it when it first came out, and it bored me to death right away. Don't know if it picked up, but I gave up after 2/3 episodes.
Got a trailer here for an upcoming documentary film about the US Army's Korengal Valley outpost "Restrepo".

Looks pretty intense and all shot in 1080 HD.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Wow... that looks... intense! Any idea when this will be out?!

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