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[FOR SALE] MP9 with 5 Mags
Hey guys, I finally got my Magpul FPG so I have no more use for my MP9!

It has one problem though, it's missing a small cosmetic cover on the right side and full auto doesnt work very well, I think it needs to be broken down and cleaned. Nothing looks broken but I havent taken it down for a cleaning since I bought it and it sorely needs it.

Accepting any reasonable offer, please meet in Shinjuku to pick it up!

[Image: guns-2.jpg]

Not pictured is the fifth magazine, the small pistol sized one. Holo sight not included.

Payment via paypal greatly preffered. Here are a few more pics of it

[Image: th_DSC03861.jpg]
[Image: th_DSC03862.jpg]

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