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[SOLD] Multicam Accessories - 12,500
I got these accessories when I stripped a gun that I bought used from a forum member about 8 months ago. From what I understand he had the parts done by Lakota Industries in the USa and sent back to Japan. All pieces are real Multicam hydrographic filmed.

I have found these two links to try and support the claim that they are genuine MC.

A discussion about the process and technology

A quick mention of the company that did the work, written by the person that sold them to me.

One of the rail covers is missing the metal prong, but the other three seem to slide even with the metal prong, so I am not sure if they are working properly as I never used them.

The stock, RAS, and Front Grip all fit on KJWorks M4 GBB.
The magazines all have the seems shown in the detail image.

My apologies, but I don't know who made each of the individual pieces.

[Image: MCSet.jpg]
[Image: MCSetDetail1.jpg]
[Image: MCSetDetail2.jpg]

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