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Hi guys... Just wanted to ask you guys about my TM L96. I just bought it a week ago and would like to replace the spring to add some kick to it... I'm not really planning to use it on games here in Japan as I'm a lousy sniper and most of the games here are CQB type because of the power limitation. I just wanna use it for target shooting in my yard. What kind of spring would you guys recommend that would give extra power but wouldn't easily damage the internals. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!!
[Image: Picture334.jpg]
How long is your yard?

You will probably have to order springs from overseas as I don't think you will find anything here that will put you over the legal Japanese limit. If you haven't already, you might find more advice asking on some of the foreign boards, like Arnies, as they will have people on there making these stronger. I don't know if anyone will have experience with that here?

How do you like it?
I enjoyed mine, but it was big and heavy for games, and I realized that a sniper rifle serves no role here in Japan. With the power limits every gun can perform on par with a sniper rifle. It really just changes your game play attitude, but without the extra range/power a sniper really doesn't stand a chance Smile

Hope someone can offer the info you are looking for.
I'm really enjoying mine coz' it's the only gun I have that is quiet enough not to disturb my neighbors even at night. I really like it a lot but as you've said, a sniper role doesn't really mean anything here in Japan because of the power limit.

I got a 20m by 20m yard plus the long alley in front of my house that's about another 30m here in Japan so I really have a lot of space to shoot and try out my TM L96. I can hit my targets at around 40-45m but doesn't really peirce through the cardboard targets. All it can do is knock over some empty beer cans... At around 50m, it rarely moves the can "IF" it hits...

Anyway, a really "BIG" thanks for the reply bro. I'll try Arnies and report back here for any infos I can get.
I've read from other forums that you can also have the trigger sears changed to accomodate a more powerful spring. The only backlash is that it's gonna cost around a hundred bucks or 10,000 yen at the least. And that's only for the trigger unit. My only problem is, compatibility. I think it's UTG or Wells L96 they're talking about on that forum and not TM... I should probably investigate more before I pursue my dream of an accurate and powerful airsoft sniper rifle. Wink. Anyway, 'greatly appreciate the reply bro!!! Thanks!!! Smile
After reading Goon's post, I've decided to stop my madness and halt my pursuit to obtain more power. Great powers come with great responsibilities - spiderman. Smile

Any advice on how to improve range and accuracy would be greatly appreciated.

I have heard from a number of shops that getting a 6.08 rather than a tighter bore barrel will help improve accuracy...the theory being that a cushion of air helps the BB fly on a more consistent path...
Probably a thread spin off, Tanio Koba twist say the same thing (about BB cushioning).
I think I'll be taking your advice Goon... I think I'll go with consistency... BTW, I would like to ask for brand recommendations on scopes... I'm really having a tough time with the scope I bought so I'm on the hunt for a replacement... Thanks!
Its a UFC scope with illuminated reticle... I can't seem to fine tune it's zoom... It's either blurry or still too far through the scope. Hence the target is only 20 meters away... Kinda looking for a scope with better focus... Something that I can use within 20-40 meters...

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