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[Help] Magpul Green Label PMAG
[Image: PMAG_75_FDE_1.jpg]

I purchased a box of 10 Dark Earth Green Label 75 round magazines, and they arrived yesterday. I tried them in my M4. Sadly there seems to be an issue with them.

The first round fire fine, but then it seems the mag slips down, and I have to give an upward push to re-seat the mag. If I hold it in the magwell it will fire fine, but if I don't then it is the same routine. 1 round, then nothing.

I wonder if anyone has experience with these mags and any ideas for a possible solution.

Never had any problem like that, but did had another issue with PMAGs and my Tavor: The latch holding the magazine in the well wouldn't close properly, because of the hole in the PMAG being a little too low compared to other mags. I had to file some, or push them quite hard to secure the latch so it doesn't fall right down.

Sounds similar problem in the end, your mag is probably not locked in properly Try putting in and see if you can remove it without pulling the latch, vibrations of shooting one round might be enough to release it.
I guess these are Star mags. I've got the short 20 round ones (which I'm trying to sell). I must say I've not tried so don't know if it's a common issue.

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