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Has anyone ever used this site ( Do they ship to Japanese addresses, and if so how long did it take?
I order something cheap from them about 2 weeks, and it only recently shipped. I will hopefully get it tomorrow or next week. I'll tell you how the packaging is when it arrives. They seem to be on the level, but I have a sneaking suspicion they're probably a small office somewhere that orders items as needs be and then ships them out. A little below ehobbyasia or even RSOV quality service.
I would avoid them.
I have used them 3 or 4 times, and it is VERY hit or miss.
My initial order was for their cheap set of Multicam pants and shirt as well as the vest that I offered you.
The pants didn't fit so I sold them to a friend. I have continued to use the shirt. The vest was a good deal and has held up well.

The 2nd and 3rd orders I placed were a disaster. Horrible communication. They listed the items as available, but only one of the orders came, and it was missing part of the order. The 2nd order, placed about 12 hours after the first, never shipped. I had to go back and forth with them about 20 times, and eventually had to open a paypal claim to get my money back.

Then I ordered 1 small thing from them the other day as they were the only place with it in stock, and it shipped about 4 days later and arrived without problems.

Very hit and miss. I have heard of two people on TKO ordering the same product, and them being completely different quality. If you can find it elsewhere I would suggest it.
Dstole said it all: Very hit and miss.

So it may look cheap, but if it is a miss, then it becomes very expensive... 50/50
ebairsoft is run by a guy called Paul. It used to be called eBaybanned. The prices were cheap but there were lots of "shipment" and "attitude" issues. You can find more by going through Arniesairsoft historical archive.

Few years back Anarchy did order from him and experienced some delays. I'm not certain if past TKO members ordered from him too and had refund issues (I remember the issue, I can't remember by whom).

I'd recommend sticking to the Redwolfs/Dentrinity/WGCShop. Or for me personally I've got a relationship with Mr. Dytac so I order from him directly.
Only buy cheap stuff you're not in a hurry to get. You'll have to assume whatever you order might arrive broken, very late, and not refundable.

Just FYI.
Well I got what I ordered from them, but it took a little bit of time. I agree with the others, if you don't mind rolling the dice and you're not in a rush, you could try them. I'd probably go with on one of the more well known stores online, since you'll get what you want and have better service.
Hit and miss pretty much describes them at best. Good thing that one time that I ordered something that said "in stock" over the website but didn't ship, I got my money back without the need for a Paypal claim. Ordering from them is a gamble. DENTrinity, WGC Shop, RSOV, UNCompany are good to me - not necessarily in that order. RedWolf is hit and miss too. No problems when I rode on other's orders, but when I ordered myself, they sent the wrong item and it took a month to sort out.
The only problem I encountered with them was a 3-week delay in shipping, other than no problem with the items I ordered. I highly recommend Redwolf, wgcshop, uncompany, ehobbyasia. I've been shopping there for over 4 years now and never had problems. I also tried shops like rsov, gunnerairsoft, airsoft-war-4 and they are all good.

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