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[COMPLETED] TKO: Forest Union, June 26th, 2010
I think this is going to be cool. It will be different to play with small teams, perhaps more tactical and suspenseful. If necessary, we can tweak the game rules to ensure that we meet each other. However it plays out, I'm really looking forward to it.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Same here! ^^
Small team, no problem...rain...problem...
A little rain won't hurt anyone. It was supposed to rain all last weekend and didn't so I am staying positive and hoping for good (or at least decent weather).
Was supposed to rain this week too but nothing yet... whether it's delayed or not, time will tell, not much of a rainy season in Tokyo so far yet Undecided
A couple of things that I want to check as I prepare the games and rules fro this game.

Does everyone have a pistol? I would like to have some pistol only games as we have smaller numbers, but I am not sure if everyone has a pistol or not.

Is anyone using hi-cap mags? again, I am trying to make some game mods that would increase or decrease ammo capacity, but want to make sure everyone has regular mags before I add rules that might exclude someone...

I will have game handbook up with game descriptions and rules up in the next few days.

If anyone needs a pistol or regular mags please let me know...I have a few spares.
(22-06-2010, 05:22 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: ...I have a few spares.

"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
lol, I do have a handgun and also a highcap (being only 45 though) for it.
Hi guys,
Here is the game handbook. Please look through it and let me know if you have any questions. This game will be a bit different than past games. Because of the small numbers I am going to try out a new game system that I have been thinking about...objectives and modifiers.

I have also created some modifier cards if you want to offer our thoughts.
I Photoshopped some video game images. My bad Smile

Game Handbook

.pdf   UnionHandbook.pdf (Size: 79.55 KB / Downloads: 23)

Modifier Cards

.pdf   TKOcards.pdf (Size: 236.03 KB / Downloads: 17)

Leave your comments and questions.

ps. We really need a 10th person to even the teams.
Does the Full Auto Modifier mean that every other game during the course of the day is semi-auto only?
@Psycho - yes
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Yes, but there will be more than one full auto card in the "deck."
Teams have to use strategies and think about when they want to use full auto to it's full advantage.
I want to add a warning to players about safety at Union. Please be -VERY- careful when you're running around. In the recent public games, I came across a few bamboo stumps around knee height that can stab a tripping player especially if just happen to be falling at an unfortunate angle. Naturally we can raise this with the field owner but they're not going to be able to find/fix all of those stumps.

So please please please, I urge you to be extra extra careful on the field. During the game if you come across any, please raise this with us at the end of the game.
Yah, you had a close call there didn't you Q. I remember seeing you stumble and almost trip on a weird stump.
Thanks Q, will keep in mind, actually got scratched on the knee pretty badly there by a stump last time, and this through my BDU. Pants were fine, but had a scar for like 3 weeks...

Anyway, thanks again Ginga for the rules setup, and would just like to add couple of thing:
- The "Mo ammo" card is pretty useless without "Full Auto" I believe. Pretty sure no one in Semi will need a reloader.
- The "Full Auto" card is too much of a huge advantage... if one team, or just a few players have full auto and everyone else semi, it's gonna be a bit of a massacre if they don't play too stupidly (and we're all experienced players there). Remember that hitting a player is much harder with semi than auto. Not because of the spraying factor, but because of the gear one. One single BB is often dismissed or not even felt when wearing just a little bit of gear, while a 3/5 burst is usually felt.

That being said, my replicas do not handle semi that well either. My TAR tends to have the semi not working, and I regularly need to jump in full for a burst, while my new M4 for some reason I couldn't figure out just simply blocks sometimes in semi, and needs full burst. You know I'm not too much of a heavy sprayer and tend to shoot only with aim, but semi only games aren't that fun to me for these exact reasons.

Now of course I don't make the rules... so I'll go with whatever is decided.

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