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[COMPLETED] TKO: Forest Union, June 26th, 2010
- This booking cannot be cancelled as imposed by field -

NEW: Sign-Up Sheet Available here!

Game handbook available here.

We have started to book our summer games. We want to focus on wooded areas so that we have shade and opportunities to get out of the sun. The games will be new player friendly, high ammo count, and based on general game types. We will also slow the pace a bit to allow for more water breaks in the hotter months.

JUNE - Outdoors / Wooded

Organizer : TKOverkill
Date : Saturday, June 26th 2010
Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location : Forest Union -
Field Address : ChibaKen, InzaiShi, Hiraka 2470
Field Tel :0476-96-2166
Cost : 3500 (3000 Yen game fee + 500 Yen admin fee)
Lunch : 500 Yen (Curry)

場所:Forest Union
フィールドの電話:0476-96-2166 (受付時間8:00~20:00)
昼食: お一人様 500円

Rules / ルール

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :

日本語のルールは :

Planned Games / ゲームの流れ

* Games will be explained closer to game day / 近日にもゲームの説明をします *

Cancellation Policy / 取消規定

We cannot cancel this booking

Minimum: 10 people

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on us organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause them losses of income. Hence we are propagating the policy to our players. We ask that players consider your schedules carefully before confirming your attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.


Transportation / 移動手段

Nearest Station is Keisei Shisui Station.
The field recommends taking a taxi from the station as they have no shuttle service.

Let's try to car pool where possible.

Signing up / 参加するには

If attending please read through the rules and reply back to this thread with the following. Below information will be used to send updates and contact you in case we do need to cancel the game at the last minute due to weather.

Lunch (500 yen):
Rental (2500 yen):


昼食 (500円):
レンタル (2500円): 

If you list yourself as tentative please confirm within 3 or 4 days. You will otherwise be removed from the tentative list. We cannot cancel this booking, so please be sure you can attend if you sign up as confirmed.


Sign-up Here
As usual, count me in Big Grin
I'm in (as usual :-) ) Game on
I am in...
[Image: sig1tdq.jpg]
Please go here for event sign-up. Use the sign-up form ONLY if you are confirmed to attend.
Pls count me in Smile
I'm in.... oh wait, can't make it. Angry
A bit busy in late July, let me give this a miss. I'm sorry.
Can the venue call a taxi for you when the day's over?

Also, what's the maximum player count for this and when is the last day we can sign up? HIGHLY inclined to go, but trying to convince a few of my friends to join me.
I can look into it for you. If the field won't call I am sure one of us can call for you.

There is no maximum at this point. Last day of sign up will be the Wednesday before the game. We can't cancel this one, so we are paying and going regardless of numbers...but it would be nice to have people commit as early as possible so I don't have the stress of wondering if we will have enough people.

Please use the sign-up sheet link above. You can add guests if needed, as well as indicate the number of lunch and/or rentals needed.
Hope you can make it.
Cool. Thanks for the info. I've got at least 2 people interested depending on rental costs for guns, unless someone is willing to rent out one of theirs. Hehe. 2 of us already have rifles, so only need one more. Please let me know how much a rental would be. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions.

EDIT* Managed to find out costs from the website using my extremely limited Japanese skills. Rentals are 2,500 yen for G3-SAS and MP-5 models. Not bad. Masks for 500 yen, BDU for 1,000 yen, bag of biodegradable ammo 1,000 yen, and gloves for 500 yen (might grab me a pair of these since I lost mine during a Halloween event last year while pissing in the river outside Ageha.) They also sell dog-tags for all you hardcore gamers out there for 1,500 yen.
I am a tentative depending on if there is a race that day
Will let you know soon
I've added myself...

Chuckles/Tesla, please use the signup sheet link above.
Sadly Chuckles had to pull out of this one Sad

Sign-up sheet currently shows 6 multi-cam and 1 Tri-colour desert.
6 vs 1 sounds fair yah?
I am in, no race that week

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