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[CANCELLED] TKO: No.9, July 24th, 2010
Summer game in a wooded environment.

JULY - Outdoors / Wooded

NEW: Sign-up sheet now available here!

Organizer : TKOverkill
Date : Saturday, July 24th 2010
Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location : No.9 (Center and Main Field) -
Field Address : 〒270-1616 ChibaKen, InzaiShi, Iwato 2506-1
Field Tel :0476-99-0910
Access Map:
Cost : 4,000
Lunch : 500 Yen (Women FREE)

フィールドの住所:〒270-1616 千葉県印西市岩戸2506-1
フィールドの電話:0476-99-0910 (受付時間10:00~17:00)
昼食: お一人様 500円 ※女性のお食事は無料です。

Rules / ルール

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :

日本語のルールは :

Planned Games / ゲームの流れ

* Games will be explained closer to game day / 近日にもゲームの説明をします *

Cancellation Policy / 取消規定

TKO Cancellation Deadline : July 9th 2010
欠席締め切り : 2010年7月9日

Minimum: 20 people

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on us organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause them losses of income. Hence we are propagating the policy to our players. We ask that players consider your schedules carefully before confirming your attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.


Transportation / 移動手段

Nearest Station is Keisei Usui Station.
There is a bus from the station as well.

Let's try to car pool where possible.

Signing up / 参加するには

If attending please read through the rules and reply back to this thread with the following. Below information will be used to send updates and contact you in case we do need to cancel the game at the last minute due to weather.




If you list yourself as tentative please confirm within 3 or 4 days. You will otherwise be removed from the tentative list.


Use the sign-up sheet here.
Sure, count me in man!

[dstole] Ycare, I had to reschedule this game so I removed you from the confirmed list. Let me know if you can make the new date.
So far so good, nothing on this day either ^^
What does "Lunch : 500 Yen (Women FREE)" mean?
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
They say that they provide a complimentary lunch to women even if it is a private game.

They look like kind to women in terms of facilities and services.

(18-04-2010, 11:08 AM)Tobo Wrote: What does "Lunch : 500 Yen (Women FREE)" mean?
True Gentlemen if I ever saw any.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Remind me of "free entry for girls" policies in clubs plagued by male-only customers Rolleyes
I'll be at Guam on the day, so can't make it. Have a nice game you guys!
Only 2 people signed up for this game?

Sorry folks, I will be canceling if there isn't some interest shown in the next few weeks.
Mission control has approved. If this is still on, I'm in.
I'm having 2 more guests too...
i should be up for this
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
if you could use the sign-up sheet found here it would be appreciated. I can only add and delete myself.
Cost for this field is 45,000 yen for 10 people and 3,500 for every person after that. We need 20 people top make it 4,000 yen per person, and 10 people minimum. At this point we have nine. Three of those are guests of Ycare's. I think this game is best served as a friendly, general style game, so I would like to get 20+ people to keep costs down and make it fun for the games style planned.

As such, I need 15 people confirmed by July 1st, or I will have to cancel this game.

People can still get their fix at Psycho's game on July 11th or Q's game at SEALS on August 14th. We have had a pretty steady pace, with 4 games schedules over 7 weeks Smile
"July 1st" maybe ^^

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