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TKO Bookings and Tentative List
Hi All,
I wanted to open up a discussion...

Organising games is becoming increasingly more difficult as fields are starting to impose stricter cancellation rules. Many will no longer refund, and others are also asking for payment up front. If TKO is going to continue to organise games, and we are happy to do so, we need to get more commitment from players. We understand that schedules change and things pop up, but if we can't support the numbers or get core groups of people out to the games, then the number of games we book will inevitably begin to drop off.

For example, the game at CIMAX on April 24th, has 7 people confirmed, and 10 tentative, as of March 30th. We don't have the numbers for this game. CIMAX is one of the few fields that only requires 1 week for cancellation, so the larger list is OK for this game, but as a general TKO policy it needs to be re-worked, as CIMAX is an exception to the rule.

Essentially, it feels to me like the tentative list is becoming a safety net for those people that don't want to decide until the last minute. This means that if we keep the game and the tentative list doesn't come out, then the confirmed folks have to pay the extra fees. If we make a decision based only on numbers then the games get cancelled, and we have to play public games...and people complain about lack of TKO games Smile

Add to this the fact that it is getting very hard to book fields, with many of them booked 2 or 3 (or more) months in advance! We are already looking at game dates for June, July, and August...

So I would like to suggest that there is a 3 day limit on tentative list. If you need to check work schedules, confirm with friends, or check schedules, then use that 3 day tentative period to look into those scheduling issues. Otherwise, we need confirmation from people so that we can book these games.

What do you think folks?
I'll try to confirm right away my 2 tentatives !
Answered on the appropriate thread Undecided
Talking about 3 day limit ... when is a first day?

Is it the day I post as tentative first?

Anyway if this will be helpful for organizers and confirmed people, I agree with you.
Sorry to necro-post this thread, but I wanted to re-open this discussion and add some thoughts about recent game sign-up.

I have heard through the grape vine that some members are waiting until the last minute to sign-up because they are afraid they are going to get burned by having to pay game fees even if they don't attend.

There was a game last December at Splash that was organized by a team that invited TKO member. Q wanted to make life easy for the organiser by collecting TKO member game fees in advance. There were 3 or four price options,with some including BBs, some with rentals, some with Pizza etc.

As it turned out, many of the TKO players going to the game pre-paid, It rained heavily the night before, and there was some concern the game might be cancelled. The day went on as planned but it was wet and muddy. A number of TKO members that had signed up decided not to go because of the conditions. These players, apparently, didn't get their game fees back, and it created a bit of a backlash.

Jump ahead a few months to this thread, and TKO organizers trying to find a way to get people to commit to games and sign-up early while it had become more and more difficult to book fields.

Places like CIMAX, that had a 7 day cancellation when I first wrote this post are now at 2 weeks, and other places have stopped accepting cancellations all together. We had a game in June that had 8 people because we couldn't cancel the field, and a few dropped out last minute. 8 people creates an entirely different set of issues for a game organizer.

So, all this to say...
We need people to sign-up as early as possible so that we know how many people are coming and don't have to cancel bookings. For games when we can't cancel it relieves a great deal of pressure knowing we have minimum numbers and that we aren't going to be forced to pay out of pocket for games.

We will not pre-charge for games. There was talk about doing this at a TKOSOC meeting, but we decided against it. We also decided that we wouldn't charge people game fees if they cancelled as long as we met our minimum numbers.

This means that if the field requires 12 people, and 24 have signed up, you won't be charged if you drop out. You and your 3 friends won't be charged if you all drop out. It will suck, as the organisers will be forced to figure out teams and make game changes last minute, but it can be done.

If we have 12 people signed up for the game and someone drops out, then we would ask them to pay their portion so that TKO doesn't have to pay for them.

Do other members have ideas for how we can encourage sign-ups and increase numbers? Should we open tentative sign-ups again? What works best for the TKO members, as at the end of the day we are doing this to provide you all with enjoyable game day experiences? How can we do a better job of that?

Dropping out after the deadline for free cancellation should be responsible for paying a fee. For now this is my thought to stop making someone pay other’s extra.
If you feel this is too strict, there’s remedy for them that they will not have to pay if new players will come instead of them after their dropping out.

For example, the deadline for October game was September 25th and assume that there were 14 people on the sign-up sheet at the time. After the organizer made the reservation for the game, 3 players became that they couldn’t make it on October 2nd and no one joined any more.
In this case, it’s not fair for the rest of 11 people to pay the amount of dividing 35,000 yen by 11 and admin fee, so the 3 players above should pay each 3,000 yen plus admin fee as the cancellation fee.
However if other 3 or more players became able to come to the game after the 3 players had dropped out, they will away from paying their cancellation fee.

IMO, reopening tentative sign-ups is not so good because it would be the same result whether it’s used or not.
(03-10-2010, 10:29 AM)GingaNinga Wrote: Do other members have ideas for how we can encourage sign-ups and increase numbers? Should we open tentative sign-ups again? What works best for the TKO members, as at the end of the day we are doing this to provide you all with enjoyable game day experiences? How can we do a better job of that?

Yes, I have an idea, charge less the early birds and more the late sign-ups. All in all, it should balance out and may lead to higher registration. Extra money raised if any would go to a pizza delivery when enough is collected or towards pre-booking subsequent games.
That is interesting tiFast, ThunderMidget, Kiwi, Rooboy, and I were just talking about that yesterday as an idea Smile

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