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[FOR SALE] Various Airsoft Gear for Sale
Hi All,

Didn't want to flood the forum with multiple posts, so keeping this to one thread.

I am selling my airsoft gear, which consists mainly of:

- Marui G36 (w/tons of extras, needs handguard pin) [taken]
- Marui Glock 17 (w/ extra mags) [taken]
- Marui Glock 18C (w/prolite and extra 100shot mags) [taken]
- Tracers and other accessories [laser/flashlight adapter taken]
- Blackhawk Vest/Boots
- 5.11 Tactical BDU
- JT/LETS Helmets

Please check out photos/prices at

Feel free to contact me via pm or email listed on the above website. Thanks very much!
I'll take the G36 and the Glock 18c, check PM
aaaaaaaaw u beat me to the g36c d stoleBig GrinBig Grin
ill take that tm g17 if it still available
Damn you guys are fast!
g36c, g18c, and now g17 are taken! Thanks guys!! Will be updating the site later 2nite.
I'll take "Laser/Flashlight Adapter", is it still available?
I'll take the Tracer unit, but I want to make sure if it fits my AK-74 (the manual says it can, but just on the safe side)
Tracer unit tested and works fine Big Grin

Nice having business with you Big Grin
Ace, you are aware that we don't play with lasers, right?
I know Big Grin

I just want to have tacticool silencer here Tongue

and maybe for night games
(02-05-2010, 05:10 AM)tifast Wrote: Ace, you are aware that we don't play with lasers, right?

Tifast, thanks I've not known about that.

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