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The Picture Thread
GingaNinga put it right - we're all just jealous (at least I am!!) - you've got some of the nicest decks on the team.
Oh, and I'm super jealous of your RS Eotech and Scope.
me too....... especially when you don't have the fund to purchase it Tongue

hmm... being a student is a good thing, but not having a good income to supplant your need is another story Big Grin

will post another pic soon Big Grin
ANYWAY, to get back on track on the picture's my current collection. As you can see the VFC SCAR-L sniper is not completely built still :-

[Image: 2010Collection.jpg]
Thanks Q
I have book marked this thread so I can show it to my wife whenever she gives me stress about buying another gun.
Daaaaaaamn!!! That is a nice collection, which I know I'll never match >_<

PS: P99 powah! Big Grin
Wow Q! How many can you skirmish as once?

I thought you had really large sidearms for a moment there but then i realized it was a separate photo.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Ok, so now I don't feel so bad about owning an extra M4 after seeing Q and Ginga's colletions, lol.

Anyhow, ever since I saw Black Hawk Down I've wanted to recreate the M4 the Character Hoot (played by Eric Bana) had.
[Image: hootm4.jpg]

I think I got all the parts right, just need to paint a bit to get the camo look he had and maybe get a two point sling.
[Image: m4bhd.jpg]
Looks pretty close to me! Good job on that ^^
I updated my photo above with my current collection.
I usually don't like P90s, but damn, yours look badass... and I'm very jealous of your CQB M4, real nice...
Drifter - nice job! Looks really close - I like how you even have the electrical tape just like he does. Smile

Q - Awesome deck. See what I mean, we're all just jealous! Tongue

is that bipod on the P90 on the top right really necessary on that type of gun? If you just had an extra bipod laying around and wanted to put it to use, I'm always accepting donations! Blush

Also, do you really find the magpul front grips better than the usual vertical grips? I've read mixed reviews.

This picture is taken last week when I practiced by myself

about the angled grip, I already tested (read: borrow Big Grin) it from Ron, and I like it very much. The angle is comfortable and very ergonomic. Tongue

I reccomended it Big Grin
Here is a picture of what i have and like, the only thing missing is my G&P M14 EBR.

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Nice setup, I like your G36, pretty rad, but dude... what the hell is going on with that wallpaper?! I felt like being on shrooms just lookin at your pics Big Grin

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