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The Picture Thread
Nice work Tesla!
Nice Tesla, looking forward to seeing those patches on the field next game.

I finished reassembling a spare TM M4 using some parts I got from saperdon, Kenzie and my own extras. After fully modding out my original M4, it's nice to have a basic model again. Although I did mount a scope on it for kicks to get a Duke Togo/Golgo 13 look to it.

[Image: M4scoped.jpg]
Thanx guys ! Smile hope to have them done by 29th
I finally had a chance to take some pictures of my two new babies...

Shiki Type 89 with full Laylax upgrades. I love the 3 round burst on this thing.
[Image: Type89.jpg]
[Image: Type89Front.jpg]
[Image: Type89Rear.jpg]

I also got my hands on a Magpul / JP rifles custom. It's about as on the Magpul wagon as I can get. I just need to find some rails so I can attach a front grip. Sadly the 10 pack of green label PMAGS I bought for it didn't work so I had to get the real ones. Ouch.

[Image: MagpulxJP.jpg]
[Image: MagpulxJP2.jpg]

Thanks for looking. I hope to do some video reviews in the next little while.
These are our newest guns made by SRC (Taiwan),
[Image: DSCN0966.jpg]

This is Shu's 10"

[Image: DSCN0967.jpg]

This is mine 16"

[Image: DSCN0958.jpg]
Replica ELCAN Spector DR That's nice.
[Image: 4598501272_fa2a798fcb.jpg]

Picked up some Magpul furniture and a 3-burst kit for the GBB
I was gonna retake this with with my mags lying around but hadn't gotten around to doing it yet. So for now here you are. The upper is my gas blowback (Prime build). The lower is my Sopmod customised

[Image: M4.jpg]
I have been looking for that scope for my Type 89 Q...where'd you get it.
All of that is nice, veeery nice Big Grin

I like the style of your Type 89 dstole, especially the body/stock harmony of it, pretty nice ^^

I like the EOtecch Q Tongue
The scope's a real Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3x14mm (more info here) which I bought from Frontier for a ridiculous Y140,000. But there are airsoft copies out.

Eotech is a real 553 too for another ridiculous price. I've got two - black and tan.
Wow. Good thing I didn't suggest buying it off you.
I hope you have it on a gun that works Smile
Ya' know if I'm going to continue getting flak for my non working guns, I'm happy to quit airsoft and just be a collector.
A collector of non-working guns, that is. Big Grin

On the serious side, the EOTech is quite nice though - Q let me borrow it last time around and it the red dot behaves the way it should - staying on target regardless of what angle your eye is. I can only imagine the airsoft copies have very rudimentary red dots that don't function the way the 'real thing' does. I guess I'll find out soon enough, as my Trijicon copy is in the mail right now.
That's perfectly fine by me too. 'cos if I don't play it doesn't bother me if it doesn't function.

On the other side of the coin I obviously enjoy a group does enjoy making fun at other people's misery.
Oh, come one know it's just one of those things that will follow you around until you shake it by coming out and owning all the non-believers. We are just having a friendly jest with you because you are the leader of this pack. I think everyone knows that your kit is absolutely amazing, beautiful, and ass kicking...which is why we are giving you stress (in a friendly way). To be honest, I was more bummed for you cause I wanted you to be able to get in and play rather than be trying to figure out why things weren't working.

I really do think you have some of the most amazing kit on the boards, and don't mean to insult you. Just a friendly jab between team mates. It would be a loss to us all if you stopped playing and became just a collector.

Sincerest apologies if the joking has bugged you Q, it was all in good fun and camaraderie.

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