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The Picture Thread
(24-11-2012, 01:09 PM)Q Wrote: I see. The reason I asked is that WA based is actually slightly shorter than, say, the Prime or Inokatsu ones 'cos the Prime/Inokatsu are more real steel length. However having said that, 'cos the WA is shorter it also means the blowback is snappier (esp on HFC).

Yeah, I think they just lightened the bolt and buffer spring to make it fire off HFC. The box notes it's "Japan Version <0.9J". But it feeds reliably, and I can fire about 70 or more BB's on one fill of a mag (based on 35 round reloads). Not sure what upgrades it can take yet, but I know Ra-Tech had some videos with this model in it.
How do you find the MC gloves? I saw a pair and tried them and they were quite thick (possibly too thick). How are these?
Q, they are a little thick but I like them. I ordered them off the Chinese website
Picked up the Marui HK416 for Christmas...

[Image: HK416.DressUp.JPG]

Drifter, how did you make the sling braid on your VFC?
Used this video here:

One note is that I would be careful to make sure to have the looping points on the sides as opposed to the top and bottom of the tube like he does in the video. On the top and bottom it gets in the way of pulling the charging handle. Here's a close up to give you a better idea of what I mean.

[Image: th_CE7625DE-0270-454E-82EB-5156D06803FB-...04C76E.jpg]

1 Meter of Paracord did it for me, with a little extra left over. Gonna try and actually tie a carabiner to the end to make it even easier to snap into.

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