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TM M4 SOPMOD Hop up upgrade... Suggestions please...
Hi guys... The "NOOB" is back again asking for some suggestions... (sorry...)

I was trying to replace my inner barrel last night when I suddenly hit a hump on my FPS-Accuracy level-up mission. I broke my hop-up unit... Can anyone please tell me where to get a replacement? Or if there's an upgrade (aluminum or metal) available, please advise on the brand and specifics...

I had one on order from Echigoya...they said it would take over a month to get it from Tokyo marui.
I haven't heard of an after market one being available, so your best bet is to order one from a store, or to ask if they have a spare. What part did you break, as they might have just that part kicking around from some other repair?

I can ask next time I am at a shop if they can get something for you if you don't have a shop near by?
Thanks bro! I broke a small plastic part from the body of the main hop up unit and dropped a small rubber tube about 3mm. I honestly don't know where that rubber tube fits so if you have a diagram on how to assemble a hop up unit, that would suffice and would really be a big help... Thanks!!! Smile
Pictures might help with regards to the "small plastic part."

Regarding the small rubber tube, if you lost it you can replace it with the H-hop (available at Echigoya last I looked). It's better.
Hi guys! 'Got my TM SOPMOD working again! Replaced the inner barrel to a 455 mm 6.1 barrel and added a suppressor to hide the excess inner barrel. And also a big thanks to Hazard for the H-hop suggestion. Already added the H-hop bro. Here's a pic of my baby...

[Image: Picture323.jpg]

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