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MGS4 Custom M4 - Custom Build
I finally finished my custom build M4. Here is the write up from my blog.

[Image: MGS4CustomM4a.jpg]

I was warned!
When I first started looking around airsoft forums and asking questions about a custom build I was constantly met with a resounding, "Don't do it!" I was told custom builds were expensive, time consuming, and frustrating.

I did it anyway.

I decided that if I was going to custom build something, it might as well be a gun that I couldn't buy elsewhere, and that was going to be some what original, and personal to me. When I first started playing MGS4 I instantly fell in love with the looks and style of the custom M4. I soon decided that this would be my custom build. There were a couple of posts around the web with people that had built this already, and a parts list available on a Canadian airsoft forum. I had some parts kicking around from a used purchase that didn't work out, so I bought the parts that I thought I would need.

Many of the custom M4 builds were based on the M4 shown in pre-game promo pictures and video. Some of the parts shown in the promotional videos and pictures, like the EOTech dot sight, weren't available in the game, so I decided to build based on what I used in the game.

I made 3 orders online from 3 different stores,
RSOV, WGC, and Redwolf Airsoft.
See here for reviews on each of these shops.

The complete parts list looked like this...

Stock - King Arms 6 Position Stock (Tan / Pipe Without Marking)
Receiver - 'Dboys' metal M4 body kit (M-28 plain)
Grip - G&P M16A2 Grip with Heat Sink End Set ( Sand )
Rear Sight - DBoys 40L Rear Sight
Front Sight - Action PRI Flip Up Sight for M4 Series
Hand Guard - VFC M4 Carbine Length Free Floating RAS
Outer Barrel - 'Dboys' M4 aluminum outer barrel
Inner barrel - Madbull Black Python 6.03mm (455mm)
Hop-Up - Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up Unit
Battery - Angs 9.6 battery
Compressor - TM Knights Type
Magazines - TM M16 Standard Size

I had a V2 mechbox and motor kicking around, so used these for the build.

The only real problem I had initially was getting the Plain Receiver. When I initially ordered it from RSOV they sent me a KA Markings type by accident, even the the box was for the plain one. The sent me a replacement, but this was the bottom half only, and ended up being a different colour. They then sent me the top half of the receiver, but this had a charging handle spring that was too long. To top it off a plastic piece at the from on the charging handle was broken. Luckily I still had the old one they sent me, so I was able to swap it around.

I ordered parts on December 4th, and finally had them all sorted by mid-February! So much for a winter holiday project.

So now that it is built, there are a few small issues that I am trying to get sorted.
- I tried a number of different mags with it, and the TM type seem to work best. I am OK with this though as they look the most like the weapon I am trying to copy.
- The outer barrel wobbles a bit, but I have been told that this is common (normal) for a floating system.
- The Hop-up unit seems to misfeed every now and then. I don't know if this is because I have the madbull hop-up built wrong, or if there is something else happening, but I need to figure this out.
- I decided to place the battery in a fake PEQ laser box at the front. This is similar to how it is set up in MGS4. The battery connectors don't line up real well though, so I might have to re-wire it.

There are also 2 things that don't match the MGS4 game set-up. The mounting style for the red dot is a forward type, which is different from the game. The foregrip is a bit shorted that the one in the game, but this is because I really don't like the length of the game version...what were they thinking Smile

I have had a chance to shoot about 200 rounds through it, and I am generally happy with it. I really like the weight and balance of the weapon, and with the stock out to it's 4th or 5th position it fits like a glove. I can get a clean cheek weld, and the weapon is quick and responsive. the 9.6V battery gives a good ROF, and it chronographs at a respectable 96m/s with no hop, and about 93 with the hop-up turned on.

Now that I have done it, I don't think that I will custom build again. At over 60,000 yen I could have spent my money on a complete gun with some serious upgrades, but with the cost of full metal parts here in Japan, I don't feel that it was too bad. At the end of the day, I have a custom gun that I have wanted to own for at least a year. All I need now is a good set of octo-cam!

Chrono and accuracy tests coming soon!

[Image: MGS4CustomM4b.jpg]
OMG... this baby looks like M4 with 5 shots of steroid...... perfect for those who wants accurate M4 (you posted another pic of this gun without the silencer that hid long and tight barrel rite?).

maybe we can start a TV show called Pimp my gun
Yeah, that is a pretty nice setup you got here... how many guns do you have now dstole ? Big Grin
Ace: I had a similar set up with my SOPMOD, but this one is not a blow back.

Ycare: I am ashamed to say, but the rule is now that I gave to sell something before I buy something. The big joke in the office is that noone buys anything new, they just wait for me to sell it to them a few months (or weeks) after I grow bored with it Smile
Remember, I'm taker on that Masada Big Grin
bad boss got it Smile
Damn ! Sad
sorry Ycare but I jumped as soon as dstole said he was perhaps thinking about selling it
ExclamationRight in the clacker!

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