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[WANTED] Japanese Radio
not too expensive please. and one that i can use a headset with.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Once Tobo gets his I'd "like" to get one of these too.
JINN made an offer.
I send PM to you instead of him.
Hey guys I have one:

For sale ICOM 2-way radio, brand new (Japanese) didn't get to use it because my team uses American radios. works with 3 triple-A batteries. I bought this in akihabara with headset included for 18,000yen. Selling price 7,000yen,

[Image: DSC_7865.jpg]
WOW. Great Deal! Too bad I bought one about a month ago Sad
Ghost is looking to buy an ICOM. I will talk to him about it.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
If it works with a 9ch, I'll take it Smile
not sure about that but here is the japanese specs:
Why are those radios so expensive compared to American ones, especially when you consider they're weaker ? I really don't get it.

Sorry for the slight change of subject.
@Ycare: Maybe for the same reason Japanese airsoft guns are more expensive...because they can Smile

@life26: Where do you and your team play? Are you not worried about the possibility of getting busted with your US band radios?
Me and my team haven't played for a while. we used to play with tk guys 2 years ago and from time to time last year. We play at the same sites you guys play now and we haven't had any trouble or getting busted using us band radios... so far.
Has anyone ever been given trouble for them? I mean they sell US band radios here on base! 90% of the time my radio is stuck in a pouch out of view save for the antenna.
All, we need to discuss the legalities of US vs JP radios in a different thread. This is a For Sale/Wanted/For Trade thread.
Anyone know if the radio will work with a 9ch radio?
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
If anybody want to test it with a 9ch radio just let me know. I live around omotesando.

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