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[FOR SALE] GHK AK 105 W/ NPAS Bolt, Mags + Extras
So it looks like I'm right fucked here on base as far as transporting my airsoft guns on and off base. After having a close call with a no notice inspection I dont really want to risk being thrown in the brig for having a replica on base, so I'm liquidating the parts of my collection I cant hide or disguise, save for my Marui AK74MN, which is stored off base.

Included in this package is the following

1x GHK AK74S For parts
1x NPAS Bolt for FPS Adjustment
2x Standard Bolts, 380 FPS on propane
6x Normal Magazines
1x Parts Magazine

The only issue with the gun is the latch that locks the stock in place when folded has snapped off. Otherwise it's in perfect condition. Here's a picture of from after my last skirmish with it. NSPU scope and Kobra Red Dot not included. I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer, or trades for a Glock 18C + cash. Please research how much I spent on this setup before lowballing.

This gun served me well in several skirmishes in Hawaii, and was a real blast to shoot. Nothing puts a smile on your face like sending people running for cover when they hear this thing go off.

[Image: DSC03928-1-1.jpg]
How does the fps adjuster work wraith? Is it something you leave in? Do you know what it shots on Japanese gas? Just worried about the 1J law as it would suck to be thrown out of the country for owning that Sad

Looks cool though. To bad you have to get rid of it.
The FPS adjustment is done in the bolt itself, once its set it's set until you change it again. No one would ever know you could adjust the FPS unless you told them. It takes about 5 mins to adjust the FPS since I managed to lose the quick change tool. I know on green gas you can tune it down to below 300 fps, well withing Japanese restrictions. It doesnt cycle very well on duster gas though.

If anyone is planning to buy this, I can sell you propane canisters at 3 dollars a pop. These are the large coleman canisters you see a sporting goods stores in the US, so 3 dollars is quite a deal compared to buying crappy japanese duster gas.

(22-01-2010, 11:03 PM)dstole Wrote: Just worried about the 1J law as it would suck to be thrown out of the country for owning that Sad

I'd hate to get thrown in jail if someone inspects my room when I'm not here and finds it. I really, really dont want to sell this thing but since i'm not allowed to have it and my deployment schedule puts me deploying from june-december for the next four years odds are I wont have many chances to use it, being a gas gun and all =( As of right now I'm KEEPING my Mp9 and Skorpion since I can hide those pretty well, but if push comes to shove you may see those for sale here too.
Sorry for the noob question...but what in the world is that huge contraption on top of your rifle? I've never seen a scope that big; is it for night vision?
Also, how much are you asking for?
Yes, that's the Soviet NSPU 3x Magnification NV Scope. It's a massive piece of equipment, weighing in at I 6 pounds or so.

It's a Gen1 scope, but the Russians decided Gen1 alone wasnt good enough, since having an IR Illumiator was a death sentence for anyone using one. So they stacked THREE Gen1 tubes back to back and added magnification. The results are outstanding, even on pitch black nights you can pick out man sized targets at 300+ meters, with a FIRST generation scope!

As far as what I'm asking for, I really dont know. I paid 350 for the gun, then 50 for each of the six magazines. Plus I bought a broken gun for parts, as well as the 60 dollar NPAS bolt, That's well over 600 USD paid by me. I'm leaving it up to you guys to decide how much you want to pay.

It DOES work on Japanese 134a gas! It wont get off an entire mag on auto, but using semi you should be able to get most of the 50 round magazine out. I got 40 rounds off shooting three shots per second before it stopped chambering BBs.
What was the temperature like when you were testing in your place? Did you have it nice and spring-day toasty or winter-chilly fresh as this will play a big part in it. My handguns have a hard time getting off 24 rounds right now on 134a so things might improve considerably when it heats up.

Unrelated, but maybe you know wraith...
Can you use different gases in the same mag? Meaning could I run propane in the same mags as I run 134a (obviously not mixing gasses inside the mag) depending on the season or would you need different mags for each gas type?
You can mix as match even in the same magazine. People do it all the time with 134a and Propane if they are worried about propane being too strong for their gun. The only thing to remember is ALWAYS put the stronger gas in first, otherwise you could burst the weaker and less SAFE 134 can.

When I was testing I was using it indoors, I'd say it's about 72 in here. The magazines just barely get off 40 of the 50 round mag, but if you're playing on a hot day in the 80s or 90s im sure you could get out all 50.

Just an FYI, I could get off most if no ALL of the 50 rounds on FA on green gas. Just like in this video. Standby-ooooh

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