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Mesh Mask Order (Finished)
Updated 16th April 2010

Hey guys, I'm gonna order the Stalker model of one of these in MC.

I found a guy on Arnies who will ship to Japan for lower costs than the Russian post (its origin point).

Please let me know real soon if you're interested, we can share the shipping for cheaper prices that way, placing the order tomorrow.

[Image: bge-top1.jpg]

Final order:

- Ycare: MC Stalker x1 - received
- Wagonofdoom: MC Praetorian x1 - paid
- Wraith: OD Praetorian x1 - paid
- Tifast: MC Stalker x1 - received
- Q: MC Stalker x1, MC Praetorian x2, Black Praetorian x1 - received
- Dstole: MC Praetorian x1 - received
- Amazona: MC Stalker x1, Black Stalker x1, MC Praetorian x1 - received
- Aouwra: MC Praetorian x1 - received
- ThunderMidget: MC Stalker x1 - received
- Anarchy: MC Praetorian x1 - received
- Hazard: MC Stalker x1 - received


Everything was received and in good conditions, that's the good news. Bad news is there were custom import taxes, but luckily not that high, it's only 250 Yen additional per mask. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will be collecting this when giving the masks.
i want the full mask, can you make that happen? like is it possible?

and whats the cost for the half mask shipped over here?
Sure it's possible !

I'm still checking, but here are the info from the guy at Arnies.

Stalker 'Black' or 'OD' - Euro 26/each
Stalker 'Multicam' - Euro 36/each (All other colors are also available but with minimum quantity of 5 pieces)
Praetorian - Euro 71/each (All other colors are also available but with minimum quantity of 5 pieces)

I won't make any profit on this, just trying to group our order for cheaper shipping for all of us, ok ? Big Grin

My raw guess though is 25 Euro for 0-2kg shipping, with insurance and traceability. So if this could be divided by something like 5, it would probably bring us to 5 Euro shipping each... quite an improvement.
im down for either one
id rather have the fullface, just cause it looks awesome, but ill take either one. just let me know if it happens
Multicam ? I'll order the Pretorian for you and let you know wagon, just tell me if you want both.
I actually sent an email requesting payment details the other day, but if you're doing a group order I'll get in on it to save shipping.

I'd like a Praetorian in OD please!
yeha multicam
id like to know a total in USD before i commit.
Ok Wraith !

Sure Wagon, I'll update before proceeding to the payment, but worst case I'll found another buyer for the pretorian, I'm sure people will love that shit ^^
if it will keep me from having to wear goggles, im down for it
Stalker MC, Ycare.

Thanks for pointing this out!
Added ! Anyone else ? I'll email the guy tomorrow afternoon, then any addition will be closed !
Hey YCare,

Yes please...2xPraetorian (1xMC, 1xBlack). Let me know on payment.

Noted !
Nice find Ycare...
2XPraetorian for me as well (1 Black, 1 MC)

Wow, piling up fast ! ^^
Ok, will conclude the order tomorrow around 5PM, just add what you want meanwhile.

Once the guy gets back to me about the total cost, I'll update the post and pay him. We'll then organize once everything is delivered.

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