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[WANTED] Maruzen P99 Valve (GBB)
One of my valve is a bit leaky, so I'm looking for as many valve I can get my hands on since I know it's discontinued.

I would consider mags too if not too expensive.

Tried WGC, out of stock, and nothing on ebay/yahoo auction.

Let me know !
They have new mags for average 3500-4000 yen on Yahoo Auctions...not sure if that is good or bad? I can grab some if you like,
Yeah I saw that, there's even hi cap one which I'm slightly tempted to get.
It's just that I have a mag, and it feels a waste to not be able to use it just because of a tiny piece of rubber probably dry.

My gf uses yahoo auction too, I'll ask her to get me a hi cap one for me, thanks Dstole ! Meanwhile, if anyone knows how to get valves, I wouldn't mind ^^

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