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[For Sale or For Swap] Complete Starter kit Tokyo Marui AKS74N Recoil
I'm putting my 99% new AKS74N Recoil Shock for sale
reason: need budget for new gun
It's been used only once, and I already sent it back to the company for through cleaning. Perfect for people who just started/try airsoft, or people who have not yet owned a Recoil Shock and want to try a new "flavor". Hop up is easily accessible behind the charging handle
it comes with
-1 normal capacity magazine (included with the box)
-1 high capacity magazine
-2 black magazine pouch
-1 Olive drab colored standard sling
How it looks like with sling+sling manual
One of the magazine pouch uses Velcro, while the other uses metal clip
All of these worth more than 40,000 yen (without battery)

I will sell for 30,000 yen without battery (it uses 8.4 volt mini-s battery) or for extra 5,000 yen, I'll include 1300mAh 8.4 volt battery and charger
Delivery will be made by myself and I'll deliver it to nearest station to your house or if you want to, I can also do door-to-door service

I am also willing to swap this weapon with Tokyo Marui G36K Recoil shock with 1 extra hi-cap magazine magazine

PM me if you're interested
If you havent used the TM AK74MN recoil weapons you're really missing out on some fun. I'm a die hard GBB rifle fan, and these things were the only gun fun enough to pull my away from my Escort GBB fetish. Fun to shoot and louder than a normal AEG, for 30,000 yen you cant really get a better deal on this gun.
since it's been used another time, I'll cut the price to 28000 yen(without battery) and free black duty belt pistol holster (fits m1911 or large framed pistol). Since I'll deliver it to your house, you can check whether the holster fits your pistol or not.
Price dropped again to 25000 (without battery) and negotiable

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