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[For Sale] m249
A&K M249 Para
STAR Pelican style Gun Case (OD or Black your choice)
ECLAN M249 Scope
3000rd auto/noise activated winding box magazine
2000rd Cloth style Box magazine auto winding
Multicam Harness/Sling
2 x 9.6v batteries

Upgrades to the M249 Para:

Classic Army Reinforced steel gearbox
Classic Army Reinforced steel hopunit
Classic Army High performance revision 2 trigger switch
Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel
King Arms Hopup bucking
AIMS Top free floating gear set (High Torque)
AIMS Top High Torque motor (These are to put less preasure on the gears for sustained fire)
SystemA internal Springs
DyTac Spring Guide
Fully rewired using High flow cables
A&K Box magazine has been rebuilt and modified to prevent jams.

Ive also gone through, and fixed everything that was halfway completed, new fittings on wires, etc etc etc for reliability. Ive had it for quite a while now with no problems.

Selling to Beef up on handguns.
Will consider 4 G18cs that will take propane, and extra mags in trade
or M9s

I MUCH rather the handgun and launcher loadout
45,000 yen

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