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[Completed] No9 Public Game on 27th December 2009
I and a friend will be attending this game the last Sunday in December.
Anyone want to come along?

Cost: 3,000 yen (Ladies get free lunch!)

Access Map

General Info
Excel Bio BB ONLY

9:00 Power Check
9:45 teams and explanation
10:00 Start

Rules and Guidelines
.25 BB 87m/s Max
.2 BB 98m/s Max
- Call your own hits...don't be a zombie - they say it nicer on their homepage Smile
- No ammo limit, although some games might be 1000 maximum.

Commute Info
Nearest Station: KeiseiShiroi (京成臼井駅)
Field Address: ChibaKen, Inba Gun, Inba Mura, Iwato 2506-1
〒270-1616 千葉県印旛郡印旛村岩戸2506-1
TEL: 0476-99-0910 FAX:0476-99-0920

Hope some of you can come out.
Shu and I decided to go.
4 of us attended this game...
The field is great. A nice mix of different elements, lots of cover, trees, brush, some well defined boundaries, and a number of approaches to each flag. Unfortunately the "crowd" was less than ideal. It seems this field caters to old school players with their C02 tanks and SUPER Hi Cycle systems pumping out thousands of rounds per game Sad

I think it would be a great place for a private game, but can't recommend it for public games.

A story to illustrate my point...
Rooboy and I were trying to flank a position, crawling along a path with a slight incline. As I crawled up towards a trail junction someone hiding in brush at the top of the trail fired full auto at the top of my head. I took a painful 10-15 rounds in the skull Sad
It was a re-spawn game, so I came back into the game, and knowing where he was, I went directly back to take him out. He was in brush, so I couldn't get a good shot unless I got nice and close. I flanked him. Standing right behind him, I realized that I was too close so tapped him on the shoulder for a freeze call. He spun and shot about 15 rounds into my face, and then ran off. No apology! No stop to check if I was OK! Nothing! At this point I was pretty upset. I approached the organizer to explain that I think people needed to be a bit more cautious. The organizer just agreed with me and then went about his business. There was never an announcement about safety, trying to aim for the body, etc. In hind sight I was as much at fault for not just shooting the guy, but I always feel bad about shooting someone close range. I do think it would have been nice to receive an apology or for the organizer to go over safety expectations, which was never done...the day started with "let's all have fun and play nicely." Needless to say my motivation dropped for a few games afterwards. My face mask is still nice and bloody Smile

Sounds awesome. Thats when you dont call yourself out and light him up while you follow him around the field.

It happens all the damn time in Hawaii, so perhaps I'm just use to seeing this happen all the time, but I'm guessing this isnt the norm?
Not sure about public games as I don't go to that many, but I have never experienced it here with the TKO group. Only time was when one of the members fired a burst in my back, but the person apologized as soon as they realized what had happened and it was all good...
A game might become not fun if there's person who doesn't follow rules.

We should make out again how important rules are.

Thank you for sharing your experience to us, I understood how you had felt in that game.
(30-12-2009, 09:41 AM)dstole Wrote: In hind sight I was as much at fault for not just shooting the guy, but I always feel bad about shooting someone close range.

Hi Dstole,

I think you acted right all along. A few times, I didn't "win" and let myself shot because it would have been dangerous/painful to pursue the "kill".

Not knowing the other side of the story, I can say at this point that the other player was damn irresponsible and the field owner a chicken.

Kuddos for your self control and judgement in a painful and stupid situation.

Wow, what great self control dstole. Honestly, I would have emptied my mag on his balls until he screamed for help, what a morron.
Did you show him what he did to you, did the guy even apologize ?
when I came back to the safety zone people commented that I had blood on my face scarf, and when I removed it there was alot of blood and some serious welts. Everyone saw it, but the guy never did apologize. Showed a real lack of character on his part if you ask me. I know this would never go down at a TKO game, and I chalk it up to it being a poorly moderated public game Sad
OMG... That's what I call some serious airsoft casualty... If I got into the same situation, I can forgive the "accidental" reflex shooting, but his attitude will earn him some serious shiner or broken nose from my gun's butt
Leon great self control bro... I would have given this guy a nice rifle stroke to the head for that one...
[Image: sig1tdq.jpg]
yeah Leon, you are pretty cool headed. I deff would have let a grenade off in his face for that
Not to advocate shooting in faces, etc, exactly for dStole's experience TKO games are shoot to kill (no touch kills...see 4.0 in Rules in Forum for further info). What's happened to dStole is not the first time it's happened to a TKO member as such the TKO rules.

Now with that rule -HOPEFULLY- (i.e. without being stated in the rules) TKO members will then shoot from a distance (i.e. not to be within body or even 2xbody length's from the opponent).
Thanks for the feedback Q.
A quick question...What happens when you can't get a shot from 2xDistance away and you have to get within touch distance for the kill? In my case he was in very dense foliage and I couldn't get him unless I was right there.

I felt bad about shooting point blank so touched...I should have shot, but I am wondering how this rule applies to TKO games?
Anarchy, Reaper, myself discussed this many yrs ago and the final decision was still to shoot to kill. Note, there is no 100% foolproof way therefore the best is to choose the lesser of two evils. In a shoot to kill, at least it's controlled (by the shooter). He/she has the option to shoot on the "softer parts" of the body or control what distance is "fair play" yet confirmed kill. A scare/swing around shoot OTOH is -not- controlled and could be more dangerous.

At this point, you have to remember, it's no longer about "being nice" with "soft pain" or not...but more about permanent injuries.

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