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[Shop Reviews] RSOV Airsoft vs. WGC vs. Redwolf

A few weeks ago I decided to custom build an M4 Custom from the Metal Gear Solid 4 game. There was a parts list on Airsoft Canada and many of the links fed to this online ACM dealer.

The main component, a D Boys Plain Receiver was sold out everywhere I looked, but RSOV had the best price and a note on the product page to contact them for details.

So 7:30 PM, November 28th I wrote them...

"I was looking to purchase a 'Dboys' metal M4 body kit (M-28 plain) from you and your stock list said to email for availability. If this item is available please let me know. If available I will be making a large order and would like to add this to it (I am going to custom build a Metal gear Solid G4 Custom).

Thank you for your time."

November 30th at 11:30 am I got the following reply...
"Dear sir,
It is out of stock, as factory can't provide it to us
It would out of stock at a short time and restock around 1-3 weeks,
so please stick with us, more interesting ACM stuff are coming=)
Many thanks

KND enterprise limited"

On December 4th I was back at their site, and happened to notice that the DBoys Plain was back in stock. I immediately ordered it and a handful of other parts. I ended up buying 4 items (as they didn't have any of the other items I needed).

Metal receiver - 25 US
Outer Barrel - 13 US
1911 Holster - 27 US
Red Dot Site - 25 US

7-14 Day Airmail 28 US

They were having a 12% OFF Christmas Sale, so all together it came to about 10,000 yen.

The online shopping experience was what one would expect. Add items to cart, fill in form, redirect to paypal, get emails.
3 emails came regarding the order...
- Payment cleared (Dec 4th)
- Processing (Dec 4th)
- Shipped (Dec 5th)

The package arrived today!!
To put that in perspective, I bought from WGC on the same day and paid for express mail (the only option) and it isn't here yet! Well done RSOV.

I opened the package this evening when I got home and was happy to see everything I ordered. Opened things up, and discovered that although the box was correct (DBoys Plain Receiver), the contents of the box were wrong. A Knights Armament receiver was in the box!!

I emailed them about 20 minutes ago and will continue this review when I hear back.



On the same day that I ordered from RSOV I also bought from WGC. They had many of the items that RSOV didn't and I was able to fill most of the remaining parts from them. They score points in the stock department.

PRI Flip Up Sight for M4 Series - 36 US
DBoys 40L Rear Sight - 11 US
Guarder Six Position Carbine Stock Pad - 20 US
G&P M16A2 Grip with Heat Sink End Set ( Sand ) - 24 US
King Arms 6 Position Stock ( Tan / Pipe Without Marking ) - 54 US
VFC M4 Carbine Length Free Floating RAS - 91 US

For some reason I received an 8% discount on my order.
Shipping was 22 US

Prices seemed higher here than at RSOV, but some of the items seemed to be from better quality names like G&P, Guarder, and King Arms.

The online store at WGC is pretty slick, but it is pain in the ass to find a product if you don't know it by name. The search function seems to not tie into the database well, and the extra filtering options do nothing. I looked through about 12 pages of stocks to find the one I wanted. Boo!

As with RSOV the check out is pretty simple. Create account, fill in forms, send order. The main difference with this shop is that they send you a quote email letting you know how much everything will be before having you pay at Paypal.
5 emails regarding this order
- Order received, but don't pay yet (Dec 4th)
- Quote, OK pay now! (Dec 4th)
- Payment received (Dec 4th)
- Packaging (Dec 4th)
- Shipped (Dec 5th)

As this order was express shipped I was supplied with a tracking number. The package has yet to arrive, and has been listed as pending customs inspection since arriving in Japan on the 9th. I don't think the turn around on this one is too bad, but RSOV was just so quick!




I wasn't sure what to do for the hop-up and inner barrel of the build, so I decided to go with names I was familiar with. I had seen Madbull products at Redwolf, so decided to buy from them.

Redwolf has a very easy to navigate site once you get used to it. I would always find myself a bit confused the first few times I looked through their stock as each category only has the newest couple items on teh product page until you use drop downs to get to other items and manufacturers.

I only ordered 2 items from redwolf
- Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up Chamber - 40 US
- Madbull Black Python 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel - 35.00

Once again, ordering was as one would expect with the account log-in, add to cart, fill in forms, redirect to Paypal, back to site. Only 3 mails with this order
- Processing Notification (Dec 5th)
- Order Details (Dec 6th)
- Order Shipped (Dec 7th)

Shipping was 15 US for express shipping, which seemed a bit expensive but they were the quickest. I was given a tracking number and the items arrived today with the order from RSOV. Everything was well packed and protected with packing foam, etc.

No problems with the order, got exactly what I ordered.



- Shopping Experience 4/5
easy to navigate
smooth checkout

- Prices 5/5
Cheapest prices
especially with 12% OFF Sale

- Stock 3/5
Many items out of stock

- Shipping Time 4/5
For 7-14 day quoted arrived very quickly
No tracking info

- Support 3/5
Got back to me regarding initial enquiry
waiting for reply regarding wrong product being shipped

Total: 19/25

- Shopping Experience 3/5
Slick shop
some essential functions not working
extra steps to complete order

- Prices 4/5
Fair prices with an 8% discount

- Stock 4/5
Seemed to have all I was looking for

- Shipping Time 2/5
Paid for express
still not arrived
Tracking provided
Might be customs related

- Support
Not needed at this point

Total: 13/20

- Shopping Experience 4/5
Some difficulty navigating
Smooth Checkout

- Prices 3/5
Most expensive of the 3
Higher end products

- Stock 4/5
Seem to restock regularly
Everything I needed

- Shipping Time 5/5

- Support
Not needed at this time

Total: 16/20

Will follow up with RSOV Support and WGC when it arrives.


Thanks ^^
hey interesting. Oddly enough I had the idea that RSOV was the cheap of cheap in all aspect. Any feedback on quality in general?
@ Tifast --> Very cheap! The metal receiver was $25 US! Too bad it was the wrong one. My idea with custom build was cheaper externals and more expensive mechanical parts. That said, the DBoys plain receiver was the only plain one I could find. The markings on the Knights seem pretty shallow.

Will do a full project build / quality report when I get all the parts collected.
RSOV is cheap, fast, and fairly good quality for the only time I ordered from them. Got my order in 3 days.

The only time I ordered from Redwolf was a pain. If they don't get things wrong I think it would be smooth sailing. But they did, and it took a VERY long time to resolve. They take quite a while to reply to a query, and with the returning of the incorrect item and finally getting the right item, I think it took me about a month from time of original order to receiving the correct item. I may have been spoiled by the "Japanese Customer Service Experience" but it was frustrating that they did not offer ANY compensation for THEIR mistake and the inconvenience it caused me.
I've been a long time customer at RSOV and they've been wonderful people in the past. However, they recently shipped me a broken radio which they are prepared to replace but i still need to pay for packaging to send it back to them. So right now I'm not really happy with them
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
hey Tobo,
That is good to hear.
I still haven't heard back, but am going to give them a few more days.
WGC gear came today!

Unfortunately I have not heard back from RSOV after 2 emails to their after sales email address.
I am now stuck with everything I need to build EXCEPT the receiver.
Unfortunately, unless I hear back from RSOV soon, I am going to have to cut them from my list of online retailers.
Follow up...

After 3 or 4 mails I finally received a mail asking for a confirmation to my shipping address. About a week later a small package arrived from RSOV, and in it was the bottom section only of a non-marked receiver! So I was set to build, except that the bottom section they sent was a glossy finish and the original was a close, yet so far away Smile

I have contacted them again about getting the top portion of the receiver, but I have a strong feeling that I won't ever get this and might have to build a two tone M4 Sad

Another +1 for Redwolf Airsoft
I ordered three GBB magazines from them Friday morning (3/12/2010) and I got the package today! Just over 48 hours from order to delivery!
Your review is crucially missing eHobby Asia, the best reseller so far for me in Asia ! But that should deserve a whole new thread I guess ^^
Interestingly enough I ordered from them a few hours before I ordered from redwolf and their stuff hasn't showed up yet.

I will do a full review of them when I get the final parts for my KJ Works Tanio Koba M4.
Extras should be here in a few days and will repost as soon as I put everything on it, including how it was to deal with eHobbyAsia
You'll probably get it today, I had 48h delivery during the week from Ehobby Asia too. Only my Tavor took a little longer, and when a weekend pops in, but not from much.

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