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[COMPLETED] Splash Indoor - January 16th
I know you will all be excited to try those new guns you bought yourself for Christmas, or to make good on that New year's resolution to own fools! Here is your chance...

The TKO New Years Event.

Organizer: TKO
Date: January 16th, 2010
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Address: Chiba Ken, Chiba Shi, Wakaba Ku, Kaneoya Cho 498 (千葉県千葉市若葉区金親町498)
Access Map: Yahoo Maps
Maximum: 20 people
Price: 3,000 yen

Access Details
Train: Chishirodai Monorail
Walking: 15 minute walk from Chishirodai monorail station.
Driving: Seems to be right across the street from Onari Park (御成公園) so that might be a good navi reference.

Check the Yahoo Map above or their website for details.

We will have some people coming by train, so we can share a taxi.

What you need
1) A CQB gun - under or around 93 m/s (and spare if one breaks)
2) .2 BB's (Bio or Regular)
3) Goggles
4) Water

- Full face mask or other face protection. Indoors can be a little more in your face Smile
- Gloves. Indoor is a bit closer range, and potential for hand hits is a bit higher. It will also be cold so gloves will help fight the chill.
- Spare battery.
- Indoor game so maybe Black SWAT style is best.
- Towel. They have FREE shower services if you need a clean up after the game.

This is an official TKO game so we will follow TKO rules.
[Full Rules:

Date, Time, and Cost Details
Date: A pre-game poll resulted in people wanting the game on January 16th.
Time: We have rented the indoor staging area from 10:00 - 17:00.
Cost: 3,000 yen (based on 20 participants)
Cancellation: TKO has booked and paid for the field so there is no option to cancel the game.

Field Info
I played here with a group of 4 people in August and it was excellent. The space is broken into 2 areas and 2 levels. There is an open area with a mock house front, some wrecked cars, and a shipping crate. The building has a 2nd floor, and a 3rd floor sniping position! On the opposite side is a "kill maze" that is dark and rat-maze-like with cubby holes and a number of rooms. From this area you can access 4 points that go up to the 2nd floor, which is an open floor space with some oil cans for coverage. The kill maze uses black curtains to keep it fairly dark but there are motions sensors, LED lights, and other movables that change shadow patterns and can catch you unaware at times. We played 2 on 2 and really wished we had a few more bodies. Having played here I think the 20 people option would be an excellent deal, but I would still easily pay 5,000 yen for the day. It really is a fun field!

Here is a video that shows a bit if the isn't mine and is poorly shot, but gives an idea.

More details on the game types and events to follow.

Team Alpha
1) Ace5Kills
2) ThunderMidget
3) RooBoy
4) KiwiGlen
5) Junya
6) Tirion

Team Bravo
1) Q
2) ChucklesZeClown
3) Ralph
4) Drifter
5) Ian Lai
6) Andy Wu

Team Charlie
1) Naerhu (Spartan)
2) Mumbles (Spartan)
3) Carol (Spartan)
4) Yusuke (Spartan)
5) Toshi (Spartan)
6) Ron

Team Delta
1) Anarchy
2) SamuraiEdge
3) Aouwra
4) Hunter
5) TheBackhander
6) Babs

.pdf   NewYearsGame.pdf (Size: 82.05 KB / Downloads: 28)
Modified above to move myself from tentative to confirmed.
@dstole - You can put me down as confirmed, thanks for organizing
Damn, I'd REALLY like to make this as I vastly prefer indoor to outdoor fighting, but I honestly have no idea if my stock TM P90 is ok for it or not. There's no way I'll be going against people who have carbines with just my two glocks.
Anyone have any advice?
Hey Aouwra,
not sure what you mean? The field, when booked private, has the Japanese limit of .98 joule so unless your P90 is illegal I think you will be fine Smile

That said, when I played there in august I used a TM USP electric handgun and it was great fun. In other games I used my mp7. The USP shoots mid 60m/s and the MP7 is around 82 m/s and they are both fine. The firs floor of the field is like a darkened maze, so the smaller weapons are a definate advantage coming around corners and moving quickly through the well as hiding in the little spots throughout the place. I think you would have no issues with the P90 although dual weild glocks would be money Smile
I'm def in for this one!
A CQB gun = close quarters battle gun?

Would my MP-5 qualify?

I will come.

Let me see if anyone else form Team Spartan is interested.
Your Mp5 would definitely qualify. I think a CQB gun is mainly defined by it being a bit shorter and easier to wield in smaller, tighter places like hallways and corridors.

We are going to cap this game at 20 so get your sign-ups in quick.
I'm in! I'll be bringing my helmet cam.

I'll be wearing russian flecktarn with either my tm ak74mn or my skorpion. Depends on how much crap I feel like bringing with me!
Welcome aboard wraith.
This day will be different from our regular days in that it will be held more like a New Year's event, with a mix of different games and challenges. I am currently working on a number of ideas and will post more details when they are finalized. For now, this is what we know...

There will be four teams of five people. Teams will compete against other teams all at once or in fifteen minute blocks. Some events will be based on particular skill sets like accuracy, control, and speed. Other events will play like our standard games. At the end of each event/game points will be assigned based on conditions that relate to a particular game (was the VIP killed? How many of their team did you take out? etc).

At the end of the day we will declare a winner based on points tallied from the events held throughout the day.

We are playing indoors this year and have to cap the numbers at twenty. There is a good chance that we will get more interest than we have space, so please only commit if you know that you can make it to the game. Not showing up will mean that someone else could have had your spot. We will have a waiting list if we have a large number of people interested.

As this day is going to be five-man team based, you can join as a team as long as a majority of the team are TKO members. Let me know when you sign up if you want to be on a particular team.

Cost will be 3,000 yen if we get all twenty spots filled. It may be a bit more if we don't fill all twenty spaces.

The field power limit is .98 Joule, but I would like to ask that people try to keep there weapons as close to 90 m/s or less. If someone has a weapon that is 92 or 93 I am sure we can allow it (if that is all you have), but I think that the risk for injury is a bit high if we allow 96+ m/s.

Again, being indoors, please only bring .2 gram bbs. The benefits of .25 gram don't really apply to indoors, and the extra weight can cause greater damage at CQB range.

We are hoping to give prizes trough out the day. If anyone has any inside info on companies that might sponsor this event, or help out with prize donations, please contact me.

If you have already committed to the day and decide that you don't want to join us based on this new information, please let me know and I will open your spot for someone else.

It is going to be a fun day and a great way to start off a year of TKO games. I hope you can join us.
Please count me as confirmed.
Any chance I could encourage people to bring their video cameras to put together some footage?
Yah, I will bring mine, and others are free to bring theirs as well.
Hrm, I wasn't going to but, oh well. Put me down as confirmed. Would team Alpha do me the honor of having me with them?
My roommate who came to that hellish game back in June/July is also interested, so please put him as tentative. Is it possible to rent guns at the field again? He has no equipment of his own, so would need to get some somehow.

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