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A-TACS == "There goes my Multicam Investment"
So finally I got my (and RON's) A-TACS shipment. I thought I'd post that there's an update to TP's combat shirt. The velcro is now A-TACS too. Pics as below, this is a very welcome change. There was a slight price difference from the original :-

[Image: ATACS15.jpg]
[Image: ATACS16.jpg]
[Image: ATACS17.jpg]

Don't be too sad Max Big Grin.
anakchan: Can we assume that you will be decked out in A-TACS at the next game?
Una Salus Victus
April, maybe...if I get my ACR back.
Wow, velcro A-TACS, and without any noticeable color difference! Awesome!

Bad news though, 5.11 filed a lawsuit against Digital Concealment Systems, the company which makes A-TACS, regarding the use of a name they think is theirs (A.T.A.C). Meanwhile, the production of A-TACS halted, and since DCS are probably gonna lose, they'll have to re-brand everything and waste a lot of time, so the current A-TACS available might be the last for a while... Stock now guys! ^^

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