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A-TACS == "There goes my Multicam Investment"
(21-11-2010, 07:24 PM)Ycare Wrote: On the other hand, A-TACS looks a little like something has been dipped in mud, and the BDUs just have a bit of a "dirty" look with this camo.

God-forbid your camo gets dirty! Tongue

Q Wrote:Interestingly I see A-TACS to be more like art painting.

dude get a life !!!
Well I might be said "Get real" by psycho, but to be honest the reason why I'm strongly interested in A-TACS is funny. It's like a love, I took a shine for it :-)

Yes, I'm crazy now.
(21-11-2010, 10:26 PM)RON Wrote: It's like a love, I took a shine for it :-)

Yes, I'm crazy now.

You need to get out more bro.
(21-11-2010, 08:50 PM)Q Wrote: I have but it's extremely costly.

MC-dipping costy, or even more?

A-TACS would look awesome on my ACR... I'm really keen on doing it ^^

Big're not the only one. I believe I have a queue of interest already. Maybe I should get others who are interested to drop me an interest. But again for those who do, just be prepared to budget around the vicinity of what you paid for the ACR. I'm going to add a lot of caveats to this with a whole bunch of "if's"....if my can do it, if the price is reasonable, etc.

[Image: bigacratacs.jpg]

dang, that's tight^
Guess what arrived in the mail today?? A custom Tactical Assault Gear banshee PC with some custom hydration & M4 pouches Big Grin.
  • Custom Banshee (with A-TACS webbing)
  • Custom double mag pouches (coyote webbing removed)
  • Custom 50oz hydration (with A-TACS webbing)
  • Standard single M4/pistol mag pouch

[Image: ATACS8.jpg]
[Image: ATACS7.jpg]
[Image: ATACS14.jpg]
Very nice! what material is that? Cordura?
I'm curious to know what is the base color for the A-TACS webbing, and if it will age better than the MC one which doesn't at all.
It doesn't you said a few posts ago, it looks like mud anyway Big Grin.
Did you get two? The last pic look like a single photo, not two pictures merged into one...
Yep, that's two lol, the webbing on the hydration carriers differ between the pics! Good catch Psycho!
Q, you da pimp! Big Grin
(21-12-2010, 11:04 AM)psycho Wrote: Did you get two?

(21-12-2010, 11:45 AM)Ycare Wrote: Q, you da pimp! Big Grin

Instead of Q, I have to say another one will be mine tonight. As long as I see decent pics of the gears showed by him, I'm really satisfied at how my semi-final bonus for myself as a single will be usedBig Grin

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