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A-TACS == "There goes my Multicam Investment"

I have to admit that I do like it.
I like, I have my mitznefet in those colors, or very very close. But yeah, not sure this would work better than MC in a forest environment though. It looks very Iraki city type of setup, but not much of a jungle/forest type, no green at all.
I was just about to post that! They look nice but it makes my eyes hurt.

I'd like to see a comparison with ATACS versus MC.
ditto here, maybe ok in desert or urban, but for anything green or darker (forest) not convinced it would work well.

Is it something that is seriously considered by any army at all?

As far as I know they are testing that as well. They are also testing new armor, weapons and parachutes. check out for more info!
Can anyone say "WWII German Paratrooper Camo" ?????
(14-11-2009, 11:25 AM)FarEast Wrote: Can anyone say "WWII German Paratrooper Camo" ?????

Yea it is...

I just hope I graduate in MC...
Now some A-TACS producs have been available on T.A.G as below

You can choose A-TACS in color select!
FYI this is just a sample they have many other products with A-TACS.

No actually sorry to burst your bubble. TAG puts it as available but when you order they usually take months. They have made some but in limited quantities.

A place that actually do have A-TACs TAG gear is

Here is an e-mail I got from them on Monday :-

--- cut here ---
We ship to Japan.
There are no Uniforms in A-TACS in stock, TAG will not be making these, EOTAC wil and we will be selling them when they come in.
We have numerous items in stock in the A-TACS pattern:  Marine Gladiator, Intrepid rigs, and dozens of pouch styles, just go to any TAG item page and check the available colors.
Thanks for your interest,
Jon, OPT
--- cut here ---

But the problem is the actual A-TACs gear is limited. I dont want chest rigs, etc. I'm looking for PC, and BDU, etc.
is it just me or it does looks a little bit like "urban" realtree camo?
I'm thinking to myself, "Did you -really- say that!?!?". No way :-P!!! A-TACS to me is more like "art".
You might be seeing alot more ATACS in the near future creeping up in photos. Some one is already playing with it Smile
Thank you for new inputs!

Talking about current lineup of A-TACS products I'm wondering why they don't initially deals in BDU. A first priority for me is buying it as well as you and then adding other stuffs to BDU is secondary.

And if there's a opportunity of hydrographic water transfer I'd like to try that with A-TACS pattern on ACR.

(04-09-2010, 12:07 AM)Q Wrote: A place that actually do have A-TACs TAG gear is

Interesting! Is that in Japan?
Good question if hydrographic transfer is available to the public or not. I know it's out there but I don't know about pricing.

Pimphand, someone already playing with A-TACS? Where did he get it from? I did see A-TACS molle webbing on Yahoo Auction, but whole BDU by EOTAC hasn't been available.
Real world application...Smile

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