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UR Tactical Licensed Multicam Direct Action Pants & Company Review
My XL Direct Action Pants came and they fit great.
Will be sending the XXL back for store credit so they are no longer available.
Nice to hear you got the right size. Means the store gives good service. I'd like to buy pants from there too, if it weren't so expensive. How much did shipping cost?
They were great. The store seemed shady at first as there was no information about where they are, policies, or anything. No contact info, etc. I was very nervous about sending them money to be honest.

When the pants arrived I emailed them asking if I could return them. They replied almost immediately and said it wouldn't be a problem. I wrote them back saying I wanted the pants quickly for an upcoming game and that I would order a new pair and use the other pair for credit. They wrote back again almost right away and said it was no problem, to just include a list letting them know what I wanted.

The shipping on the pants was about 22 US.
The pants were 170 US, but they come with pads that are worth 30 dollars on their site.
With the other 25 or so it comes to just under 200 US, but with the exchange rate they come in at about
18,000 yen.

The quality is very nice, and they are well constructed. Once the pads go in the knees though they don't seem to be coming out. Very tight fit.

Now to decide how to use my credit Smile
Direct Action as in UR-Tact shady Tongue!? No way!! They're purely online though. When I was in HK I was trying to save some $$ by popping by their shop and paying in HK, they don't have a store front.

But UR-Tact is far from dodgy. They made the clothes for Terminator Salvation.
To Follow up...
I was in contact with the folks at UR Tactical a couple more times to use my store credit and they shipped out the new stuff almost immediately after they received the pants I sent back. Shipping times and communications was great.

I will be ordering from them again as I need a few more things, and they have won me over with really good service.
I will review some of the items I got from them in more detail soon.
Dstole, I don't really have a credit card I can use all wanton-like. Next time you have an order you're putting in, would you be willing to meet up and take hard cash from me in exchange for piggy-backing along? I quite desperately need some pants, and figure I might as well get the sexiest pair I can find.
Aouwra.... Im selling a complete ofiicial Multicam uniform, Shirt, Trousers, Bonnie hat, Ranger vest all for 15,000 along with some MC patches as well.

Also for another 15,000 I can also throw in Cold weather system which consists of a fleece and top shell which is wind proof and water proof again in official MC.
I wanted to follow up on my experience with UR-Tactical.

I have bought a number of other items off of them since they were so good about exchanging my combat pants.
I ended up buying a MC jacket as well as a black jacket.
I also bought a small pouch/drop bag in MC.

About a week ago I emailed them to ask about washing instructions, and to ask about extra buttons for my black jacket, as 3 of the buttons had been broken by BBs...nothing to do with their product.* I got home tonight to a bag of 6 or 7 buttons, no charge, shipped and arrived in about a weeks time. Amazing! Well done UR-Tactical!

* I had my black jacket on a hanger in my studio, facing me. Every now and again I would grab a gas gun and pop a few rounds at the jacket. A week or two later I decided to vacuum up the bbs, and noticed these weird black shards on the floor. Not BBs...what could it be? Then I noticed 3 missing button on my jacket. DOH!
Good to know, thanks for the info Ginga!

I had a similar awesome experience with SKD Tactical, and which I both recommend greatly.

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