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Site speed....
As many of you that have been out to recent games are aware, we have been charging a 500 yen admin fee. This is to cover a number of expenses that the TKO admins have up until paid for out of supplies, prizes for the New Years game, etc. There has been discussion between admins that these funds could also be used to help pay for the site.

This 500 yen is ALL being put back into the community to make the games and TKO experience better. Best way to help Q with the costs of hosting is o come out to as many games as you can!
To be honest I'm not so worried about the costs (it's approx USD$220/3 yrs for web hosting and who knows how much for the domain name). But it's the work of migrating that I dread. it's not as simple as a dump 'n load but databases need to be re-created, etc. it's quite a few days down time for you guys and quite a few man hrs work for me. Anyhow got another 20 months to decide.
You made me know better about admin fee and got it how to contribute to the team. I'm not able to come out to a same game twice by myself, so will try to invite some of my friends who may have an interest in playing with us.

If there's a work relating to database which I can help, I'm willing to do that. Although being not a datebase specialist, I manage to work for it with your instructions.

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