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[COMPLETED] New Field Desert Storm Kawagoe, October 17th 2008
There is a new field that has opened in Kawagoe and I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I have yet to go out as they open on August 22nd, but I will provide more details as I get them.

This game is booked under team name CrakaAttaka but I would ask that we follow all TKO rules and guidelines in place for the day.

Date: 17th October 2009
Time: 09:00 Gather (games 10:00 ~ 17:00)
Location: Desert Storm Kawagoe
Address: SaitamaKen, Kawagoe Shi, Ooaza, Matoba, Aza, Ikebedori 3531
(〒350-1101 埼玉県川越市大字的場字池辺通り3531)
Access Map Here
Type: Large Outdoor
Minimum: 10 people
Price: Y4,000/pp
Cancellation: 1 week minimum

Access Details
Train: MinamiOtsuka on SeibuShinjuku
Bus: 8:50 Bus from North Exit of station, bound for Obukuro
Walk: 10 minute walk from bus stop
Driving: See map above or use co-ordinates 35.905019, 139.436073

What you need
1) A gun (and spare if one breaks)
2) A sidearm/pistol! (we WILL be playing pistol-only games)
3) Lots and lots of biodegradable BB's only (please be environmentally friendly)
4) Spare batteries
5) I would like to split the teams based on outfit, BDU, etc. Please indicate your style of BDU (multi-cam, Woodland, PMC, civilian, etc). Please also remember
a) goggles
b) gloves
6) Water if needed. Hopefully summer will be long gone.
7) A red cloth that will be used as a "Kill Rag". Those that came to BCU or SEALS should still have theirs, but if not I will make some more if you can't find one.

You can order a bento lunch. Please let me know ahead of time if you would like one.

I need your call name as well as telephone number and email (in a PM).

1. dstole
2. Rooboy
3. Thundermidget
4. Junya
5. Kenzie San
6. Hirooka San
7. Sato San
8. Shuhei Kun

1. Wagonofdoom
2. ace5kills
3. Tirion
4. Imran
5. WierdRajah
6. WieraRani
7. Taku
8. ChucklesZeClown

.pdf   KawagoeHandbook.pdf (Size: 56.23 KB / Downloads: 11)
i will go
BUT can SOMEONE Please bring a repinning kit!!! my gun has been broke for like a year and ive ghetto rigged it.

I can also pick 3 people up at Fussa station to take you to the field
I'm in too at this stage, though the place doesn't really like anything fancy, and there aren't any picture on the website either... I'm a bit concerned if it's only basically one big bare ground with nothing else on it for cover...

Did you go already have a look there Dstole ?
I will go on the 24th of August to take a look and will probably play in a few of their open house games. If the place sucks then I will let everyone know and cancel this booking. We have a couple months, so I am hoping that gives them time to get things going...one of the reasons I didn't book earlier Smile
let me know. ill go with you
When i saw it satruday it was just a bunch of random buldings in perfect lines. like 4'x4' swuares
I'm in. Looking forward to some more information about the field though.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
im going saturday to snap some shots
Sounds good and wagon your on the Nissan forums right??
zilvia and a few others
Good another car guy to talk too lol just remembered seeing your name before
yeah, i build cars/bikes constantly. ima bout to start another car, a nissan laurel
Hey guys, don't want to be an ass, but can we keep this on topic so it's easier to keep track of this game and its sign-up.
Thanks all.
hey leon, stick me and imran as tentative on this one.

will confirm asap.
Tirion --> Will Do
count me in!

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