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Airsoft AI at the blackhole show

Carl from Airsoft Initiative the maker of the Tornado Grenade and other cool toys will be attending the BlackHole Show this year and is looking for volunteers to help translate.

He is looking for two days of interpretation/translation help at the show. He is offering JPY40,000 in addition to a pair of fully decked out Tornado grenades (spoon kit and distraction device). He needs someone fluent in both English and Japanese and willing to sign an conform to a non disclosure agreement. He will be bringing prototypes of upcoming product which he will demonstrate, but not present for detail viewing.

He is also interested in daily help with interpretation as I visit stores and wholesalers.
I would have loved to but I have a game scheduled. Hope you find someone and that the show goes well. Ask those Marui boys why they haven't released their L96 yet for me Smile
When is the show? Not that I can speak Japanese just curious
Its on the 1st and 2nd of August. I might go on Sunday if I can get away with 2 days of airsoft over the weekend Smile
I would like to go too dstole on Sunday too... Don't they sell stuff there too??
Damn what is this show ? Never heard of that ! I'd like to come as well on Sunday... where is it exactly ?

I have a game on Saturday, and my Japanese isn't really fluent quite yet either... too bad I can't help...
Here is a link to the show.
Sorry Japanese Only.
Its basically a flee market for Airsoft with a few manufacturers thrown in for good measure.....I don't really go anymore as in recent years its gone down hill.
I could help on the Sunday..If you don't find anybody else let me know.
What do you mean by "it's gone down hill" ? What became bad about it ?
Atleast they sell stuff
Still need a translator for Saturday! Any Takers???????? Lionel Carl said he is waiting for you to get back to him.
Too bad I have prior commitments and I'm not very confident I can explain what he wants to say.
If the game gets canceled for Sat. I could help with the translation...
I think many of us feel that way Hawk Smile
Hoping for good weather though!

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