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[open/signup] Kawaguchiko private forest, Sept.6 CONFIRMED

2 last things : 1-ideally, we'd like to start explanations at 9:30am tomorrow
2-please bring a red kill rag and a pencil or pen

date : Sunday, September 6th, 2009
time : 9am -> 5pm (see note 1)
location : behind the Earth Embassy, north of Mt Fuji (1hour30min. from Shinjuku to KawaguchiKo with the Keio highway bus, so I guess a little less by car)
access :
type : forest, with some wild rosebushes for the “barbed wires” feeling !!!
price : 1000 yen

note 1 : there’s no strict time to respect since the game is held in a private forest. Therefore the time indicated above is flexible. If the game actually takes place on Saturday, we could play after 5pm
note 2 : the Keio highway bus is only up to the Kawaguchi Ko station ; from there a ride by taxi to the location is about 3000 yen (about 10 min. ride), so going there by car is definitely easier. It seems there is enough parking space at the E. Embassy for 10 to 20 cars.
note 3 : there is no bbs / goggles / batteries to buy at the location so bring anything you may need
note 4 : the 1000 yen fee will go to the owner of the forest
note 5 : biodegradable “natural” color BB only (a color that won’t stick out a mile when we leave the forest after spreading several thousand BB in it, so green/black/brown). Keep in mind that we may organize another event at this location in the future.
note 6 : lunch will be available at the E. Embassy, Price is 1000 yen (a bit expensive I reckon, I expect it to be good and invigorating then), Reservation is preferred, just say if you want one when signing up.
note 7 : anyone has whistles and is willing to let us use them on game day ? PM me please

A-Rules : TKO rules will apply for this game. See here :

B-Scenarios : ready, Games will be linear with 10 to 15-minute games.

C-Command Structure : Each team will have a designated team leader and will also be divided into subteams with subteam leaders. The objective is to have team members work together and in a coordinated manner, and improve overall tactical efficiency.

D-Real count : To control the pace of the game and add realism with having to reload magazines we will be going with real steel ammo count for the entire day. Players who follow the real count can carry unlimited magazines. For players who do not have many low-cap magazines, not to worry you can use mid/hi cap magazines but your total bullet count is limited to 300rds total.

E-Kill Rag : All players must prepare a RED coloured cloth to signify that you have been shot. To be used either when waiting for a medic or for travel back to the respawn point. The medic rule will be posted in the player handbook (for those of you who attended the Mike Burrows' game in June, we'll use the same rule).

F-Communications :
Players who have radio and communication equipment are encouraged to bring them to the game as command will be relaying various mission objectives throughout the day. Actual communication tactics will be discussed on game day with your team leaders.

G-Evening game
there will be NO night game as previously announced, for safety and practical reasons.

H-Cancellation of game
Game will take place tomorrow Sunday 6th

When signing-up for this, please specify if you are available for both days or only Sunday 6th or Saturday 12th.
Please also specify the following :
1-do you want to act as a team leader/sub team leader ?
2-type of gun : if you have a sniper rifle, or a machine gun (MG42 like), please specify it, so that players with special weapons can be evenly distributed over both teams.
3-say also if you have a radio for same reason as above

The time I went there in March, the forest was pretty beige, so a desert cam would be fine. However, with all the rain that fell after the dry winter of this year, I’m guessing the forest will be greener.

1-The limits of the field have been decided (see google earth map enclosed). The field is about 500 meters long and 200 meters wide at its widest point as shown on the map. This is the area we will use for the night game. The old road (in blue on the map) and the dirt road east of the game field will allow us not to get lost. For the day game, we will extend the game field a little bit to the west of the old road, by as little as 5 meters into the forest in the upper part of the field (above where it says “game area” on the map) and by a few dozen meters in the downer part.
2-There are wooden panels and shovels at the embassy that we can use to build cover.
3-there will actually only be one sentry instead of the two originally announced.

L-Number of participants : 19
(plus a few people from the E. embassy so a little more than 20 altogether)

any remarks or ideas on anything that's above, feel free to share them,

Confirmed Sept 6

2-Junya (with Dstole)
3-Ryo (with Dstole)
4-Hitomi (with Dstole)
6-Dan (with Germanicus)
8-El Brandon
9-WeirdRajah (SAW weapon)
15-MikeT (249 weapon)
20-Gazell (SAW)

Sept 6

Sept 12

here are the teams for confirmations received before Saturday 5th, noon
Team RED
3-MikeT (249)

1-WeirdRajah (SAW)
7-Earth Embassy
8-Earth Embassy
9-Earth Embassy
12-Gazell (SAW)

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.doc   Kawaguchiko game handbook.doc (Size: 40.5 KB / Downloads: 15)
I think you just found the perfect location for a MILSIM event! ........ I wonder if the owner would allow the building of wooden structures such as hides or natural log barriers and the digging of fox holes????
Nothing planned for September yet, and this sounds good, so count me in ! Just need to figure out the details now.
(22-07-2009, 10:32 AM)FarEast Wrote: I wonder if the owner would allow the building of wooden structures such as hides or natural log barriers and the digging of fox holes????

Yep, that would sure be nice. About the authorization, fox holes, maybe, something more elaborate architecturally, I personnally doubt so, but I'll check with my "contact" there
This does sound very interesting. A little intel would be nice. If you don't have any pictures or maps then how about a hand drawn map of the battlefield to give us some indication of what awaits us. How about Google Earth?
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
I'm bowing out of games until October/November, but I'm quite intrigued by the idea of this "field." I hope everything goes well so i can participate in another game here later on in the year!
I would like to list myself as tentative for this game.
My attendance will depend on securing transport and a final announcement regarding overnight game or day only...
Looks interesting.
Count me in as long as I can share a tent with Hawk ^^
Please count me in as Tentative.. would like to see some more details before I commit, However I am very interested.
Sounds like they are pure naturous pieceful people... I wonder if we(camflouge, rifle, with whole bunch of airsoft luver) jump in this kind of field am sure they will be freaking out and turn this embassy in chaos or something? lol just kidding
but looks interesting put me as tentative as well

Sounds awesome! Pending my September work schedule, please throw me in as a tentative! Btw, if this thing really pushes through for two days, and we can play as long as we want.... Night raids and camps? Wink
tentative please
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Looks interesting. Would like some more info though.
What kinda info? Like can we make lamb sacrifices to worship God Magpul? Jk Jk Big Grin
(29-07-2009, 05:02 PM)Q Wrote: What kinda info? Like can we make lamb sacrifices to worship God Magpul? Jk Jk Big Grin
That would be scary Tongue But I meant more specific info, especially with regards to transportation.

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