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Why LMGs?
There are two types of weapon that I find hard to find any use for.

One is the shotgun, the other is the LMG.

Most LMGs have about the same firepower as an AEG assault rifle, but about 3 times heavier.

Real steel LMGs are used because they have high ammo capacity and can fire continuously without overheating (the bipod also helps). In airsoft, these advantages don't exist over assault rifles. All you are left with is the major disadvantage of having an 8 kilo weapon that is also expensive to top.

So why do people bring them? Is it just for the cool factor?
Watch out for the military industrial complex. They are here to upgrade your guns!Big Grin
It's for the "cool" factor. Thats the end of it really. The same goes for bolt action rifles and shotguns as you said.

There's just no reason for it outside wanting a replica of a particular weapon.
Ok if players actually followed the real count rules in its purest form, ie 30round magazines with a total capacity of 900rds for assault rifles. (Try picking up 900rds of ammo and you'll see why this is the limit) Then the SAW and the LMG would actually be a tactical choice for a squad, longer sustained fire and also more ammo (If the SAW member has a runner around 2000rds between the two of them as they also carry extra ammo for the squad)

But with the unlimited low cap and the allowance of high caps with minimum ammo count, there is no real application at TK games apart from the cool factor.

MilSim games such as those I played on the east coast limited players to as many lowcaps as they could carry, either 4 or 5 midcaps, or one highcap. Saw gunners could carry bags of bbs if they chose to.
From real life experience we basically went on Stag with about 10 magazines, 4 more than standard issue. If no specailist equipment was required we would carry either loose ammo for issued rifles or play mule for the SAW and carry belt. but the normal count both loose and inserted was around 900rds.
From real life experience I'd have to walk into danger with an M9 and three mags total. Way to go air force

When you limit magazine capacity in a MilSim style event, having an LMG matters. Otherwise, dont bother
Tell 'em in the movie Stealth, the pilots could squeeze in their G36 (C?) and MP7A1's in their cockpits :p. Hahahaha!! Just joking :p.
(30-06-2009, 01:15 PM)Wraith Wrote: From real life experience I'd have to walk into danger with an M9 and three mags total. Way to go air force

Wraith same with the navy lol weather it's a M14/16/9m we get 3 mags and that's it lol I think with the shot gun they give us 8 rnds total but it can't be loaded while on watch lol Now machine guns are a different story we always have more than enough to go around for them...
Well with any luck we (TKO) can move more towards real count only style game play. Maybe its just me but I find it really annoying to see an M4 firing out 40 -100 rounds in a single burst. This is unrealistic and shouldn't be allowed in a milsim game. So yeah maybe it is the cool factor but if people played more fairly it wouldn't just be down to looking cool. A good milsim squad depends on it.

Those of you at BCU on the 27th might remember the blackhawk down mission when i borrowed Mikes M249 (thanks Mike) and kept the whole left flank at bay. That how they should be used.

Say NO! to high-caps ...nah only kidding.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Tobo, agree with you but only for ideal situations. BBs are light, subject to change course and go cpmpletely off at the slightest burst of wind or sudden change of air temperature. Not even mentioning the hopup which can also be unreliable.
To this, if you add the fairly low range of a BBs, it means that most of your shots will be actually lost. Real count definitely work if BBs could go straight and far, I wouldn't even need mid-cap.

With current conditions, and since I have a lot of mags for my M4, I like reloading but still use mid caps for it. With my G36C though it's another story... have you seen the size of those mags ?! >_<
If we were to move completely towards the milsim style game I think that we would have (or should) regulate power/range so that each weapon was appropriately balanced. As it stands every weapon has the same range and power limit set by the .98J and the only difference becomes mag capacity and ROF. If we were using sniper rifles that were higher power like over seas we would have placed our 2 snipers out of range of the M249 and sniped the operators. I know that there isn't always a direct relationship power=range, but as it stood there was no advantage (maybe role is a better word) for the snipers in the game whereas there would be in a real military operation.

At the very least set up our milsim games so that there is equal distribution of weapons.
The easiest way to get around the power limitations is the enact BB limitations.

Like I said before, limit the number of bbs a rifleman can carry, in whatever form of magazine he wants. LMGs can carry unlimited. This turns the gameplay into less "paintsoft" and into more tactical style since you cant just run and gun, you really need that machine gunner!
Do bear in mind, TKO caters for all kinds of players. i.e. we won't be going to an exclusive MilSim type scenario nor will be have only "spray 'n pray" type games. As you all advance you may want to have more MilSim type games but the TKO organisers are also mindful of those who come along simply to have fun for the day.
In my personal opinion, Milsim requires a truly dedicated hardcore team that can meet often and train together. Many people attempt it, but given the requirements, it's hard to meet.

That said, the game at BCU was a good blend between milsim and regular airsoft.

So I guess LMGs are just for the cool factor. That's too bad, I was thinking about getting one too...
Watch out for the military industrial complex. They are here to upgrade your guns!Big Grin
That's good to hear Q.

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