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G&P M4 Enforcer Review
I have a question guys:

In the review of the internal of my gun's twin, the guy said "I recommend you file off the second tooth because of how fast this gun shoots."

(See this page, above the picture of the piston).

How would that affect performances ? My logic thinking is that with a tooth filed off, the piston would not go as backward as first intended, therefore having the spring less compressed, resulting in a weaker shooting. Is that true ? I don't see the correlation with the shooting rate though. Huh

Anyone knows what he meant ?

Edit: my thinking is actually wrong, since it the tooth that's already engaged from the beginning, don't see what it changes...
OK, now we're talking about "modding". In high speed setups, the purpose of filing off the 2nd tooth is to reduce crashes. Remember that the piston is pushed forward by the spring, but that movement is independent of the motor turning the gears (it's more about timing the engagement). If you have a souped up battery (e.g. 11.1V) and high speed gears, your sector gear may do a complete spin even before your piston is fully pushed forward.

In fact some 3rd party pistons even have the 2nd tooth already taken off - eg. Angel High Speed pistons.

It won't affect performances 'cos the total length from tooth 1->16 is still the same (where 1 is your engaging tooth).

Now if you're talking about filing off tooth 13-16, that's different...that's short stroking for a high ROF setup. I do that to my P90. You compensate the power loss with a higher tension spring (e.g. a Systema M110 or M120). But that kind of setup you have to be careful...the last tooth (12th tooth) should really be metal to be able to hold a (mostly) compressed spring. That's why the last tooth of every piston (even a full 16 teeth piston) is metal.

Angel also sells a ready made 12-tooth piston and it's supposedly to be used with the Phoenix Super Hi-Cycle gear set (but it's noisy in my P90, I get a regular sector gear and file off the unrequired teeth).
Here should be some good info Big Grin

Does your grip "clank" when you fire this?
The Zombie Killer I got recently has a pretty heavy clank in the grip.
"Into" the grip ? I mean in the mechbox, the piston makes a very distinctive noise when it's released when shot/cycled.
They do mention all the time that the mechbox requires some reschimming/lubricating. You might want to have a look inside and see if wrongly shimmed.

Also, try maybe releasing a little the screw under the handle which pushes the motor into the mechbox, maybe combination of too much push and bit shim makes it clank.
But again, the piston has a very clear noise compare to any other gun I have, not a silent mechbox.


Also, wanted to add that I changed the hopup for a metal Systema and Laylax latch of the Enforcer. After a little tuning and few magazines to stabilize the hopup, it's now really finely tuned, really accurate, good range, consistent, fair weight, easy to handle, +++ for the gun with a new hopup !
(02-08-2009, 05:25 PM)dstole Wrote: Does your grip "clank" when you fire this?
The Zombie Killer I got recently has a pretty heavy clank in the grip.

That sounds like there's quite a bit space/gap for rotational movement of the motor in the grip. That's not necessarily a bad thing but interesting to know. What brand/type of grip is it (assuming all brands of motors are the same size).
Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread.
If an Admin wants to move it to it's own post...

The grip is the one pictured in the attachment.

Q, by movement you mean the motor is rotating in the grip when it engages?
(04-08-2009, 10:08 AM)dstole Wrote: Q, by movement you mean the motor is rotating in the grip when it engages?

Are you sure the sound comes from the grip and not the piston ? Again the piston has a very distinctive clanking noise I only hear on G&P so far.

If it's indeed in the grip, then definitely motor is not well tuned in like Q said.
It's not so much that I just hear it as feel it in the grip.
Ha... well indeed, most likely motor. Open it and check it out !

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