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[Preliminary Review] AGM M4 GBB
GingaNinja - I've read alot about the Tanio Koba M4, but there's one thing that's keeping me off of their offering - lack of blowback.
How did you have your Tanio Koba set up? Are there option parts out there to improve the blowback recoil without compromising the weapon's reliability?
I'm not Ginga, but I believe to be the one now owning his Tanio Koba.

Not enough blowback?! He had difficulties keeping a red dot aligned because of the blowbacks, so that doesn't sound like it. I myself got a Japanese made red dot (also from Ginga actually). Pretty good quality and very sturdy which has been holdings the shots quite well, but I see how any cheap Chinese red dot could get screwed up by the mere shooting. It moves a lot and you do need to keep a firm grip when going full auto if you want to keep a minimum of accuracy.

It's definitely not the "most" blowback I've seen (Ginga's WE G39 was a shoulder killer), but it feels pretty good enough when shooting it to me!
This getting off the topic of Q's initial review, so maybe it can be split...
I found the Tanio Koba had good kick with the stock set up. In winter you can get a light recoil buffer to increase rate of fire or improve performance when it is cold.

Out of the box the KJWorks version is right around the legal limit, and if you add a custom tight bore barrel like I did then you will definitely need the power adjuster. All the stuff made by cradle Airsoft is top notch.

There are a few mods and custom builders, and you can pimp the thing out with magpul and other after market parts.

Some people don't like the Canadian C8 style mags, but as a Canadian I thought they were rad.

If you ever plan on taking the TK back home (maybe the US) then it is a great option as simply changing to propane or green gas is going to get you into the 400-450 range.

I think it is a great system and really enjoyed it when I owned it.
Blowback wise I would rank...

WE G39
Tanio Koba
Marui M4 electric blowback series
KJWorks KC-02

MP7 is my current favorite, especially in this weather. With a tracer in the dark it is bad ass Smile
GingaNinja - Yeah I also felt it would be appropriate to create a new thread,
but then again I thought it would be a bit counter intuitive.
I don't have any more questions atm, but if I have any more I'll be sure to post a new thread.

Cool cool, it seems like the KJ is the way to go with regards to reliability and cost,
the AGM I ordered is already in the mail, but if the thing proves unreliable I'll get a KJ.
Thanks for all the input guys! Big Grin

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