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Imports into Japan. Advise Please.
Yeah. I just got my KC-02 and parts from ehobbyasia. Ill see if I can find the receipt, but I want to say tax wasnt higher than 2,000
King of Questions
All my purchase at RSOV, ehobbyasia (and all other HK shosp, I guess I"ve tried them all) were sent through EMS with no problems at all. There was only a delay in customs if they are going to tax it which in my experience are full sized guns or anything declared above $200. Just got a full metal pistol from RSOV recently and delivered with no problem and taxes.
Thanks for the info guys. Considering ordering a pistol, maybe a rifle from HK, feel a little better about doing now that I know the gun probably won't be held and I won't pay some crazy high taxes.
Oh, but i forgot to say that chinese customs and ehobby processing was pretty slow, see processing for four days, then in chinese customs for 2 days before actually being shipped to japan. This is with the premium expensive shipping.
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