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Imports into Japan. Advise Please.
Hey all,

Wondering if somone can give me some advise. Last week I purchased online a Dboys M203 from Hong Kong. Sweet. Anyway, got a call from UPS today saying that Japanese imports won't allow it in.

The company I've bought it from say'll they refund me, BUT, minus the cost of them shipping it back to Hong Kong. On the website, in fairness, it does say the buyer is reponsible for imports into the country, but I ,foolishly, I assumed since they agreed to ship it Japan, it must be ok. Previous companies I've bought kit from have very clearly said where they will or will not ship to.

I've written back to the company involved ( saying I ain't a happy bunny and if they do charge me for shipping it back to Hong Kong I'll complain to PayPal, however, I feel really feel this lack the kind of annoyance I want to express.

Anyway, has anyone any advise? Or am I basically up the creek without a paddle. Oh, and anyone got a short M203 ris that they want to sell?


Try calling the Japanese Customs and negotiate with them:
2. If they allow you this once, you promise not to import again... blah, blah
3. Some of your Japanese friends imported things like that, so why would they discriminate against you as a foreigner (hard line, I know)
... I know, its sort of kindergarten level, but give it a try!
OK UPS and USPS will not import anything gun or weapon looking items into Japan. This is not therules and regulations set out by the Japanese postal system or the Japanese law but UPS and USPS's own regulations.

There isn't alot you can do about this apart from have them return it to shipper and explain to them the situation and have them resend it by EMS. This is actually the cheapest and fastest service to have items posted to you.

Some Airsoft shops will actually have a warning about using UPS or USPS to ship airsoft products into Japan.

Sorry to break the news to you. Just fully read you post mate, I would not raise a issue with PayPal becuase in this case you will lose and you could lose the full amount, especailly as RSOV is one of the companies that clearly states not to us UPS to import to Japan. Tell Keith that you are a freind of FarEast in Japan and he should see you right. Let me know if you need an help.
Thanks for the advice guys.

At the mo am trying to convince customs that it will not be converted in a live weapon. Doubt if its going to be successful. RSOV have been as much help as a kick in the *&^%.

Anyway, appreciate both your response.


So are they just holding it due to the ups thing? Or would they do that with ems as well??
UPS say its not them Apparently, Japanese import think I make have bought it in order to make a real firearm . The fact that they can be bought in shops in Japan seems to be lost on them. Hopefully will find out what happening by the end of the week. But I'm pretty much resigned to the fact its all a write off. Arse.
Never give up! The Hope dies last!
That is bullshit... If they sell them in the stores which I have seen why can't we import the items our selves...doesn't make senese unless it's just because we are gaijin... But tifast bought a troy from hong kong i believe and I don't think he had any issues... Really strange they would start doing this now but it is japan mind you lol hope it works out keep us posted
use point no. 3 in my last and scare the shit out of them lol international trial, UN, blah-blah + they live on your (our) taxes
Ok just to clarify, it is UPS and USPS rules and regulations not Japan Post, I've imported over 100 hand guns and AEG's into Japan 1000 and 1000's of parts including a huge box of over 200 madbull grenades and grenade launchers and the only time I have had any issues is when King Arms used UPS and USPS to ship samples to me.

I spoke in great lengths to the customs officials and even provided documents from the manufactures and also local stores stating that they were within Japanese laws and that they were being imported legally but UPS still returned to shipper. It turns out that UPS and USPS will not ship gun or weapon like items in to Japan and they red flag them to customs. Its dumb as they will pick them up in HK without issue but as soon as they land here in Japan the rules take effect. They do the same in the UK.

I understand your fustration with the situation but it really has nothing to do with RSOV and flagging it with paypal could cause you more hassles.... send me you full name via PM and your shipping order number and any communication you have had with RSOV and I will talk to Keith at RSOV on your behalf..... thats of course that you have stayed cival and haven't sent him e-mails full of profanity.
No profanities have been issued. In fact today they forwarded me documents saying that it is a toy. Ryo spoke to customs today on my behalf and they say they have not even seen the package, that UPS still have it. Which is interesting as UPS were saying that "Oh no, it not, Japanese customs".

Just a bit annoyed that RSOV don't say anything on their website about which shippers to use or not use.

Thanks for that Fareast, I'm going to have one last bash at UPS tomorrow, if that fails I forward to you all concerning documents and email. I owe you a beer.
like i said its a UPS and USP thing not Japan post or customs. They redflag it and tell customs its a gun.
Well, have sent through all documents which have been given to customs, along with the M203.

Get this though, got a call from UPS saying customs want to know what the plastic holster I ordered is, and can that be converted into a gun...
So they are going to let you have
[finishing Brandon's] ... it ? Big Grin

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