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[COMPLETED] BCU - Saturday, June 27th 2009 (The Mike Burrows Game)
G'day all,

We've got a special game invite - "The Mike Burrows" game at BCU. This will be a special game with unique scenarios.

We need: Full Name & Callsign
NOTE: 1 month cancellation!

Date: 27th June 2009
Time: 9 a.m. -> 5 p.m.
Location : 千葉県佐倉市上別所字南台377番1
Access Map:
Type : Urban City environment
Price : Y3000

Field Specific Rules
1. 0.98J Power Limit
2. 0.20g Biodegradable BB

What you need
1) A gun (and spare if one breaks)
2) A sidearm/pistol! (we will be playing pistol-only games)
3) Low and high magazines (we will be playing low-cap only games)
4) Lots and lots of biodegradable BB's only (please be environmentally friendly)
5) Spare batteries
6) You can choose what to/or not to wear but remember it's an urban city design, I'd recommend
long sleeves/and pants that you're prepared to get dirty or ripped. Good pair of hiking shoes
too. But minimum :-
a) goggles
b) gloves

[Full Rules:

We will also be posting a player handbook but here are some preliminary information to get people going :

1. Real Count
To control the pace of the game and add realism with having to reload magazines we will be going with real steel ammo count for the entire day. Players who follow the real count can carry unlimited magazines. For players who do not have many low-cap magazines, not to worry you can use mid/hi cap magazines but your total bullet count is limited to 300rds total. Some examples are :
- 30rd M4 Magazines
- 50rd P90 Magazines
- 200rd SAW
- 11rd Glock Magazines
Google or wikipedia are great resources for this information.

2. Kill Rag
All players must prepare a RED coloured cloth to signify that you have been shot. To be used either when waiting for a medic or for travel back to the respawn point. The medic rule will be posted in the player handbook. [dstole i recall you have a lot of red fabric to spare, if you don't mind donating some to the cause that would be most helpful]

3. Communications
Those players who have radio and communication equipment are encouraged to bring them to the game as command will be relaying various mission objectives throughout the day. Actual communication tactics will be discussed on game day with your team leaders.

4. Game Dynamics
The most different aspect from normal TKO events is the game dynamics. There will not be any 10/15 minute round games. Instead, once the start has been signaled, the game will follow a dynamic path with multiple missions being launched from both sides until either a strategic point in the game has been reached or a timeout is called such as for lunch. Each side can elect to have patrols or recon missions setup so as to gain ground or strategic supremacy.

5. Out-of-play (OOP) & Respawn
Throughout the course of the game, whenever a player has been "hit" (see hit rule in Rules link) they can then return to HQ to respawn at which point they can replenish their ammunition. There is no limit to the number of respawns a player can have unless dictated by the mission.

6. Missions and Scoring
Missions will be launched from either side with a set objectives. One side may not know what mission the other side is carrying out. Mission objectives which are successfully completed are awarded points. Also, kills made during a mission count as 1 point per kill. Missions can last anywhere between 10-15 minutes and are coordinated via radio between the opposing team leaders. Remember that missions can be invoked at any time and the game is not halted to facilitate them in anyway. There are also secret missions carried out by individuals and can run parallel to the main mission. More on mission flow in the player handbook.

7. Taking Off-Field Breaks
Breaks, i.e. those that require one to leave the playing field can be taken at any point. However you will have to report to HQ and must add one to your team's kill count before walking out of the playing field with both hands and gun (or kill rag) high up in the air to show that you are OOP.

Team 1
HipTheWonderchuck (Team Leader)
pdwyer (Backup Team Leader)
Bosco Fong
Giovanni Del Bando
Kusanagi T.

Team 2
Anarchy (Team Leader)
Reaper (Backup Team Leader)

1) YCare
2) Yann (with YCare)
3) HipTheWonderchuck (Mike Burrows)
4) pdwyer
5) Bosco Fong (BGI)
6) Giovanni Del Bando (ING)
7) Kusanagi T. (ING)
8) MikeT
9) DAK (with MikeT)
10) TiFast
11) Kenji-san (with TiFast)
12) Hirooka-san (with TiFast)
13) dstole
14) junys (with dstole)
15) ryo (with dstole)
16) hitomi (with dstole)
17) Dan (with dstole)
18) Shane (with dstole)
19) Glen (with dstole)
20) Auowra
21) Ralph (with Aouwra)
22) Ichi (with Aouwra)
23) Entalzar
24) D-Train
25) Pierre (with D-Train & Entalzar)
26) Germanicus
27) WeirdRajah
28) WeirdRani
29) Hawk
30) EL Brandoninjapan
31) Ecthelion
32) Anarchy
33) ChucklesZeClown (confirmed to ride with Anarchy)
34) Tobo
35) Ghost
36) Reaper
37) Amazona
38) Makino (ING)

Echo19 (needs a ride)
Magnet Friend #1
Magnet Friend #2
PMC Team
Amazona + Friend

Attached Files
.pdf   PlayerHandbook.pdf (Size: 84.62 KB / Downloads: 27)
Wow, sounds awesome ! Count me in as confirmed !!!
Just need to figure out which expressway they mention on the access map and I'm good to go.

Although, what do you mean by "it's an open desert, I'd recommend long sleeves/and pants that you're prepared to get dirty or ripped.", BDU does the trick, right ? It's not more dangerous than Seals ?

I PM you my full name, callsign: Ycare

Q: Good catch! Apologies, I've changed to urban city design now. Ok adding you!!
Oh man, is he with us yesterday at Seal, seems his name is familiar to me . Wow, Is he the visual effect guy in filmaking. I'm looking forward to this game. Yeah.. COUNT Me IN Shy

Q: Adding you Big Grin.
Put me as tentative thanks!

Q: OK Adding as tentative!!
Tentative here too Q, thanks

Q: Can't add you as tentative ;-)!! I'm working that day which means I can't go myself!! OK, adding you as tentative!!
Are we talking about the bike designer here? Maybe a bit more information on who this guy is will spark more interest and what kind of scenarios will be played

Q: To be discussed between Mike, myself, and Anarchy some time next week.
Count me in please Wink

Q: OK adding you as confirmed!!
put my wife weirdrani as tentative as well thanks!

Q: OK!
Count me in...Might order some Marpat BDU's for this ^^

Q: Added Big Grin. Marpat huh? OK a new!!
Wow you are getting Marpat huh? I am actually getting Digi2 very similar to desert marpat ...
TKO official BDU change from MC to Marpat would be great lol just kidding....

well am still waiting my digi2 coming from states ...
I might get my gray urban camo gear ready by then lol
Q if we are going to a desert I think it would be good right? but I will be going with TRU Spec ones not USMC issued (because I am a sailor not a marine lol)
Desert is fine....the place is quite "open" and "bare-ish" with scrub bushing at tall trees like SEALs. So desert sandy colour is fine.
Hi there,

Put me as tentative, likely upgradable to confirmed. Actually Battle Union City maybe one of the few places where ACU will work :-)

Q: Done!! I'm not certain whether ACU works in BCU though. I saw photos of Irene 10 and thought ACU worked -really- well against the concrete stones in that case but that was the first time I saw ACU work. BCU's somewhat different...check out the pics in the link in the 1st post. I'm sure there are some pics of BCU.
Put me down as tentative please.

ACU, MC, or whatever you choose (as long as its not BRIGHT orange or pink) will work the same in an airsoft game. We are all pretty close so the whatever camo you use will blend the same. But yeah, from those pictures of Irene, I'd say ACU worked really well there. I haven't really seen MC work like everyone raves about yet.

Q: Added as tentative!
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]

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