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Dytac PEQ15
I received a sample copy of the Dytac PEQ15 earlier this week and had a chance to compare/review it side by side with my King Arms.

This is quite a well constructed PEQ15, it's colour is darker and probably closer to FDE than the tanned KA version. Size-wise it's also more realistic and I didn't realise how big the KA was until I compared to the Dytac version.

The dial actually clicks which adds at least a little more realism to the Vanaras version which just turns. The fire button on the other hand is solid and doesn't depress unlike the KA which is actually rubbery. As for the "false" battery compartment at the back, it unscrews and is actually made out of metal rather than just being part of the main body plastic mould. The front lasers also have clear windows so one could actually put in a real laser inside it.

The Dytac PEQ15 on the other hand isn't without problems. The RIS clamp is also metal, which is great 'cos my KA version broke within days. Having said that, my Dytac clamp screw threads has shred (at least my sample). I've raised this up to Dytac. Another "concern" is that this is based on the real sized PEQ15, therefore it's really compact and although you may be able to put in a real laser, there's little room for even a Lipo 7.4V.

Now many ppl would say that it looks different in terms of design and colour scheme from the real PEQ15. Apparently there are multiple versions of the real PEQ15 and Dytac's is based on one of them (see ).

* Realisitc colour
* Realisitc design & labels (based on one version of PEQ15)
* Realisitc clickable dials
* screw caps made of metal
* RIS screw clamp made of metal
* Overall good construction of mould
* Realistic "see through" windows for laser installation

* Fire button is solid and not depressible
* RIS screw thread shredded (my sample)
* internal size too small to fit in any batteries

Anyhow, here are some pics :-

1) Dytac vs. KA size comparison
[Image: 0011.jpg]
[Image: 0012.jpg]
[Image: 0013.jpg]
[Image: 0014.jpg]

2) Colour comparsion to VFC SCAR-L and MC
[Image: PEQ15-Top.JPG]
[Image: PEQ15-TopBack.JPG]
[Image: PEQ15-BackLeft.JPG]
[Image: PEQ15-Front.JPG]
[Image: PEQ15-FrontLeft.JPG]

3) Colour comparison with KA
[Image: PEQ15-TopDyKA.JPG]

4) Inside
[Image: PEQ15-FrontCover.JPG]
[Image: PEQ15-Inside.JPG]
Nice looking replica... Could be a cool project for a visible laser aiming module.

By the way, the comparison link is borked. You need a space between the address and the parenthesis...

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