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[FOR SALE] TP Battle Strike Vest - 40000yen
Time for a little spring cleaning, putting this beau up for sale.

Used 2-3 times, great condition. If you can't decide between the RRV or CIRAS configurations, this system pulls features from both into one. Designed by Lt. Iishiba and produced by Phantom.

- A lot of Multicam
- Emergency cutaway design
- Takes large SAPI plates (Front and Back)
- Shoulder Pads for organizing wiring/hydration
- Mesh inner
- 6x built in M4 magazine pouches (comes with 6x velcro flaps and 6x elastic cords for customization)
- Cummerbund with front zipper (Comes with spare zipper set)

[Image: 06316272.jpg]
Holy cow, I wonder what this set you back new!! Nice vest tho Smile
Hehe thanks Ghost, dropping price to 40,000yen to generate interest Smile

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