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[For Sale] MP5 Full Set - 45000yen
Kinda sad to see this one go but I just don't see myself using it. So up for sale is a fully upgraded TM Mp5 with a bunch of accessories, again selling to thin down the collection. No splits please.

- 90m/s with 0.2g bb (0.81J)
- 15bb/s Rate of fire
- Battery in handguard, fits 8.4V mini type (or connector can be externalized to hook up to an external battery source such as PEQ setup)

Internals :
- Madbull 6.03 227mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with Madbull Shark Accelerator Hop Bucking
- Systema POM Piston Head
- Prometheus Precision Cylinder

Externals :
- Classic Army Metal Kit
- 2x 100rd Midcap with Dual-Mag binder
- 2x 180rd Hicap with Dual-Mag binder
- 5x 50rd Locap + 6x MP5 Magpuls
- RAS Handguard + Rail covers
- Standard Mp5 Handguard
- Grip + Laser Sight
- TM 20mm Rail Adaptor
- Aimpoint type dotsight
- Classic Army Folding Stock
- MP5J retractable Stock
- Flash hider, Quick Attach Muzzle, Anti-clockwise Adaptor

[Image: 3308242855_235231e61d.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3308242815_2e5ec5b051.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3308242753_e4fc160412.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3309071870_f26307fa4e.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3309071838_2a28d659c3.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3309071802_ce2f538eff.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3309071768_4303e59fdc.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3308242587_5bc8fb32b4.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3308242531_9309001bf5.jpg?v=0]

[Image: 3308242517_d7fae4b288.jpg?v=0]
Found some time to work on the MP5 and gave this gun a tune-up from the ground up, firing very nicely at 90m/s with 0.2g bb's, 15rds per second. Mechabox has Systema POM Piston Head, Prometheus Precision Cylinder, custom silver wiring and the rest are stock TM internals.
Dropping price to 45,000yen

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