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[For Sale] Various Stuff
Hey Everyone,

Got some stuff up for sale as I'm cutting down on the stuff I'm not using. Here we go:

PMAG PTS Ranger Plate 10 pc set Dark Earth - 3000yen (New)
[Image: 3518770820_7c46d7a701.jpg?v=0]

Altamont Grip for Baretta 92FS - 3500yen (New)
[Image: 3518770740_8e7e8e6d07.jpg?v=0]

G&G Short Suppresor (counter-clockwise thread) - 1000yen (Used) - Ycare
[Image: 3517961859_96b2e08de0.jpg?v=0]

Rear Flip-up Site (20mm rail) - 1500yen (Used)
[Image: 3518770510_41a43acbc2.jpg?v=0]

Laylax Rear Flip-up Site (20mm rail) - 2000yen (Used) - Hawk
[Image: 3518770426_3fa526b307.jpg?v=0]

Multicam 4-pt Stargate style sling - 5000yen (New)
[Image: 3503662715_4a5bb5a9ef.jpg?v=0]

OPS Multicam Triple MP5 (or like) Magazine Pouch - 2500yen (New)
[Image: 3503662655_62e9eff649.jpg?v=0]

Volk Multicam Ball Cap - 3000yen (New)
[Image: 3504475456_8969bd1b06.jpg?v=0]

Magpul MOE Handguard - 4000yen (New)
[Image: 3504476572_9c7755f4db.jpg?v=0]

M4 Magazines - 500yen each (Used)
- 4x TM 68rd Lowcap Short Magazine
- 3x TM 80rd Lowcap Short Magazine
[Image: 3504476524_c6eea603b6.jpg?v=0]

Belt Holster - 500yen (New)
[Image: 3504476368_31427170c2.jpg?v=0]

Dropleg Pouch - 500yen (New)
[Image: 3504476268_2e58504ddc.jpg?v=0]

Beamford Laser Set - 3000yen (New)
[Image: 3503663237_1fa067fac9.jpg?v=0]

- Left to Right : SOLD, 500yen, SOLD
[Image: 3503663167_664cf05dd1.jpg?v=0]

Replica Multicam Gear - FREE - Echo19
[Image: 3504476042_9a94e63443.jpg?v=0]

Mojji Spider Laser 40EL + Flip open scope protectors - 15000yen
* 3-9x zoom
* 40mm Eye Relief
* Blue illuminated reticle
[Image: 3309071450_59df5c01d4.jpg?v=0]
[Image: 3308242363_5280f78530.jpg?v=0]
Note : Missing cover for illuminator dial

King Arms 68rd M4 Magazine Dark Earth - Ycare for 2 of each
* 6x with Chinese Ranger Magpuls - 700yen each
* 6x regular - 600yen each
[Image: 3309074270_96900cb290.jpg?v=0]

P90 Buttpad - 500yen
[Image: 2458169048_bcf33573b5.jpg?v=0]

Replica Multicam Combat Shirt (Medium) - SOLD
[Image: 3504475382_c02567d378.jpg?v=0][/b]

Surefire Weaponlight Replica - 7000yen (New) - SOLD
- Navigation Lights
- High output lamp
- Lamp head cover
[Image: 3504475902_74fb5fc4a6.jpg?v=0]

Hakko Reflex Red-Dot Sight - 4000yen (Used) - SOLD
- 4 different crosshair modes
- Custom 3mm acril protector
[Image: 3504475818_7a762c77d6.jpg?v=0]

New ACU thigh Holster - SOLD
[Image: 2097552270_6bab638da4.jpg?v=0]

Dropleg Holster - 500yen (New) - SOLD
[Image: 3503663479_81b04ec9f8.jpg?v=0]

CAW Mini Launcher + 2x 180rd Moscarts - SOLD
[Image: 2096775657_07550d40f8.jpg?v=0]

Blackhawk Scope Cover - SOLD
[Image: 3309071610_59e4546553.jpg?v=0]

Laylax Chrono - SOLD
Note: This thing gets finicky with the power readings (reads them lower than what they really are) when the battery is low.
[Image: 3308242469_c4f9809025.jpg?v=0]

Eagle Force NiCd/NiMH Charger - SOLD
[Image: 3309071518_e2d2c758ff.jpg?v=0]

Star S-point dotsite for MP7 - SOLD
[Image: 3518770666_077c683f67.jpg?v=0]

P90 Suppressor - SOLD
[Image: 3518770330_791a4118b0.jpg?v=0]

Star 3x Magnifier + Custom flip-to-side mount - SOLD
[Image: 3517961573_b62dd62f7d.jpg?v=0]

TM Suppressor (counter-clockwise thread) - SOLD
[Image: 3503662789_7a42bd8717.jpg?v=0]

Multicam P90 Magazine Dump-pouch - SOLD
[Image: 3504475544_c5a29d10df.jpg?v=0]
sent mail for the Eagle Force NiCd/NiMH Charger - 3000yen
Eagle Force NiCd/NiMH Charger sold to Jepoi Pending Payment
What is the Blackhawk Scope Cover - 1000yen?
looks more like a rifle case.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
It's like one of these without the muzzle protector :
sir updated i wanna go to COD yuupack!thanx!!!
I'll get the ACU holster, Yoroshiku ne
Cheers Amazona, set to Sold Pending Payment.
Is that laylax chrono still available? I've sent you pm. Just curious, will that King Arms 68rd M4 Magazine compatible with TM M4? Thanks
Heya stygo,

Chrono still available, 4000yen is the best price i can do.

Yeap, the mags are compatible with TM M4 based weapons.
Hey, is the scope cover still available?
A post back from the dead ! Can you bring the Grenade Launcher at the next game please Anarchy ? I think I'll be interested in it Big Grin
np, will bring both items to Monday's game
Updated original post with more items!
I'm interested in the Surefire Weaponlight Replica and Hakko Reflex Red-Dot Sight. If I can make it on the game on the 23rd I'll get it then. Thanks!

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