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King Arms PEQ-15
Hi all,

I bought the King Arms PEQ-15 last week from UNCompany as it provided the Lipo option. Asthetically it's ok, all made out of plastic and colouring seems a little bit more accurate to the real PEQ-15 (e.g. tan coloured fire button, etc). But still not exact - such as the screws are tan whereas the real's black.

Here's my greatest disappointment with the KA PEQ-15, the clasp to grip onto the plastic. If you tighten the hex screw too tight it will break. I'm somewhat surprised KA came up with such a material considering normally KA products are quite sturdy aren't cheap with their materials.

For now, recommendation is to go for VFC/Vanaras and mod it to take a battery internally. Or wait for Dytac's which should be closer to the real thing.

Just to let you know King Arms do not make this product. It's actaully manufactered by our good freind over at Ebaybanned. If you go to RSOV, Gunnerairsoft or other Hong Kong based suppliers you will see the exact same product for alot less 15 USD ingcluding shipping!

Just to let you know King Arms, G&G and several other companies are now OEM products directly through Paul at Ebaybaned so i suggest before making any purchases check that site before purchasing as I was able to pick up a Russian AK74 red dot sight for 70% cheaper than anywhere else..... same product at Echigoya was 85,000 JPY!!!!!!!!
The one in RSOV (now at least) isn't the same as the King Arms battery box. The King Arms PEQ 15 opens from the top and is actually larger than the Vanaras PEQ 15 (this is the one in RSOV and is also in the EBairsoft catalog). I think I saw them side-by-side in Echigoya.
Hazard.... what im saying is that King Arms is purchasing products from Paul at Ebaybanned now for OEM and then selling them under the King Arms name and that you should check on his site first before purchasing products now as you may find them alot cheaper.... the Vanaras will also take a Lipo and if you look on RSOV's website they actually show you where you need to make the mods.

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