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requesting field reviews

i was wondering if someone could do a list/summary review of all the major fields around tokyo? i know there are a few reviews in this folder already, but i thought maybe one big post with mini-reviews, info, and maybe more importantantly opinions on a few fields would be useful

I highly recommend seals!

Good people, good staff, great players and great food. oh, the field is pretty fun too!
Yes I think more than 90% of TKO members are SEALs fan (myself included Big Grin). However recently I've heard good things about Cimax too although I've not been there.
cimax is a great field! it gets a little hectic on public game days when its about 200 players!
Village 1 is a good laugh! lots of deep trenches, tunnels (Vietnam style) and foxholes. All surrounded by thick bamboo. Lots of open ground to run across and plenty of blind spots to keep you on your toes.

Battle City Union or BCU is another great site. Probably my favorite so far. If you are looking for a site with lots of cover and obstacles then this is the best for you. As far as Urban style airsoft goes in Japan, this is very good.

Seals is great for the Jungle experience. Lots of obstacles and small shacks to use as firing points.

Cimax is very fun when they open up both fields but kinda boring with just the one. The terrain is Hilly and Wooded which is a nice escape from the jungles of Seals.

These are the 4 best in my mind though I haven't played many others.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
thx guys... Smile

I am trying to organise a game for a bunch of newbie friends of mine. trying to decide whether to join a public game, or get the minimum for a private game. in any case need to go somewhere with gear rental, etc. Seals seems like a nice option (though i wish they would fix their website)
(05-02-2009, 05:31 PM)Tirion Wrote: thx guys... Smile

I am trying to organise a game for a bunch of newbie friends of mine. trying to decide whether to join a public game, or get the minimum for a private game. in any case need to go somewhere with gear rental, etc. Seals seems like a nice option (though i wish they would fix their website)

What's the problem with their website? In any case, SEALS is one of the better fields, not to mention the legendary SEALS curry is the best!
Una Salus Victus
Union Outdoor

style: Jungle
Structures: Small infrequent structures and baricades
Weapons: AEG's, pistol games are great area the bamboo area

Notes: The field can be relatively dark as there is a lot of tree/bamboo cover. There is a thick bamboo area down one side of the field - which can make for intense fights, though entering this area can also become a regular choke point.

Union Indoor

Style: CQB
Structures: Many, the field is almost entirely structures. 2 Levels.
Weapons: This is a great pistol field

Notes: This is the smallest field I have played. The field has both a small outdoor, and a small indoor area. Minimal lighting, so the field can be quite dark, and very intense as a result. The most frequent choke point is moving between indoor/outdoor areas.

Desert Union

Style: Desert
Structures: There are many simple structures, assembled so that there are two clusters of structures on the field, a simple fort, and a simple two level hotel. There are also cars to use as cover.
Weapons: AEG's, pistol games are great in the structured areas

Notes: There are lots of mounds of sand on the field - these and the structures on the field make for the only cover. The field is generally very flat, and open. As such, despite being one of the bigger fields here it can make for rapid and intense battles.

Battle City

Style: Urban
Structures: The field is largely composed from simple single level structures to create a dummy city environment. There are burnt out cars, and now even a bus reminisant of All Stars on the field.
Weapons: Great for AEGS and pistol games.

Notes: The field is split into two areas, one area is larger than the other - but has a large pond towards one side of the field. The areas around the pond make for frequent choke points as there are very limited routes for moving through this area.

Village One

Style: Jungle/Forest
Structures: Few structures, though many trenches, and one covered/underground trench.
Weapons: AEG's

Notes: The field is big, one of the biggest I've played - and has a good variety of foliage - some very thick bamboo, tall wooded areas, a few ponds, and structures. And of course the trenches - which make for some excellent firefights. This is one of the few fields that I have played that doesnt seem to have frequent choke points.


Style: Jungle/Forest
Structures: Some structures scattered around the field; the silver fort in one area has two levels.
Weapons: AEG's



Style: CQB, Indoor
Structures: There are two areas, one of which has two levels. The entire field is comprised of small rooms - some with furniture.
Weapons: Pistols, SMG's

Notes: Intense, and painful firefights.


Style: Jungle
Structures: Many simple structures are scattered around the field.
Weapons: AEG's



Style: Jungle
Structures: Many structures are scattered around the field, several of which are elevated. Every time I go back, there are new structures on the field.
Weapons: AEG's


All Stars (Closed?)

Style: Jungle
Structures: A burned out bus lived in the center of the field, and burned out cars were scattered around the field.
Weapons: AEG's

Notes: It was a big, flat field - though sometimes was rather unsafe due to the large amount of litter dotted around the field. A friend came close to being stabbed by an old syringe on the field. Games were great fun here though due to the size of the field, and the many routes through it.

More to come...
Sorry, forget to say thanks for all this information, its very useful!
going to arrange a game with some friends at seals asap.

I have another quick question. are there any indoor arenas with public weekday night games? near to tokyo?
i guess attendance would be low, so probably not Smile just curious though. would be a nice way to blow off steam after work!

Type: Indoor warehouse CQB
Location: Taxi ride from Shintokorozawa Station on Seibu-Shinjuku Line, Saitama

Mon - Fri: 14:00 - 00:00
Sat & Sun: 12:00 - 22:00
CLOSED Thursday

.8J (90m/s) with .2 BB

I have played here a number of times and it isn't too bad for an indoor CQB style game. The staff are friendly and helpful, and they have a gear shop on site.

The first Sunday is an open house where all players show up and create two mixed teams that play against each other.

Regular system is to show up as a team and play against another team.
15 minute rotation, so you get more games if you play against another team, but if you have alot of people out you don't have to play another team.

Solo players are welcome

Rentals available for 500 yen a day.
Cost is 500 yen a game or 3500 for the entire day (500 yen off if you reserve with their online booking system).

1500 yen from 18:00 - 00:00, or 1000 yen from 21:00 - 00:00.

They also have some regular scheduled events (APS cup, Action shooting, etc).
Check their HP (Japanese only) for more details.

I am going out on the 12th of April so feel free to join us.
I have a question about indoor places too,
do any accept minors (with/without permission slip)
i usually go to cimax, but variety is always nice
King of Questions
to tag onto the No.9 area...

their new MidTown section is a fun 10 - 16 person outdoor CQB field. one of the better features that sets No.9 apart from the rest personally.

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