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[OPEN FOR SIGNUP] Seals - Saturday, May 23rd 2009
Organizer : TKOverkill
Date : Saturday, May 23rd 2009
Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location : Survival Game Field Seals (B field)
Field Address : Kokurachou 1336, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, 264-0007
Field Tel : 043-233-3328 / 080-5186-1984 (AM9:00~PM8:00)
Access Map:
Cost : 3000yen
Lunch : Curry Lunch Included (Pls indicate if you would like to opt out of this - 500yen cheaper)

フィールドの住所:〒264-0007 千葉県千葉市若葉区小倉町1336番地
フィールドの電話:043-233-3328 / 080-5186-1984 (AM9:00~PM8:00)

Day's Schedule / 当日の予定

0900 - Arrive @ field / フィールドに到着
0930 - Briefing / ブリーフィング
1000 - Games Start! / ゲーム開始!
1230 - Lunch / お昼ごはん
1330 - Games Continued
1700 - Games Finish, Closing Remarks

Rules / ルール

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :

日本語のルールは :

Planned Games / ゲームの流れ

* Games will be explained on game day / 当日にもゲームの説明をします *

Morning ~ Training
- Free for All - Pair [Practice working in pairs]
- Free for All - Triple [Practice working in groups of three]
- Capture the Flag in Subteams [Practice working in and coordinating between subteams]
- Transport the VIP [Let's see what all that practicing has gotten us]

Afternoon ~ Scenarios

午前中 ~ 訓練
- 二人でフリーフォーオール
- 三人ででフリーフォーオール
- サブチームでフラグ戦
- VIPの移送「訓練の効果を試してみよう」

午後 ~ シナリオ
- プランニング中

Cancellation Policy / 取消規定

Cancellation Deadline : May 9th 2008
欠席締め切り : 2009年5月9日

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on us organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause them losses of income. Hence we are propagating the policy to our players. We ask that players consider your schedules carefully before confirming your attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.


Transportation / 移動手段

Anyone wanting to offer space for a carpool, please feel free to post with the following info
- Time
- Place
- # of spaces open
- Identification info (i.e. car description, etc )

- 時間
- 集合場所
- 空き状況
- 車種などの詳細

Signing up / 参加するには

If attending please read through the rules and PM us (anarchy / reaper / Q) the following. Below information will be used to send updates and contact you in case we do need to cancel the game at the last minute due to weather. Only participants with confirmed method of transport will be listed as confirmed.

Contact Number:
Contact Email:




Bad Weather Cancellation / 悪天気の場合

We will cancel the game if the weather turns out bad. This announcement will be made the morning of game day at 6am via this thread and by email (look here for mailing list signup procedures). There will be no penalty fee for bad weather cancellation.



Confirmed Attendees / 出席確定 (BIG FIVE-O)
1. anarchy with 0 space leaving Ikebukuro
2. dstole [CrakkaAttaka] (no lunch) with 1 space leaving Ikebukuro
3. Dan [CrakkaAttaka]
4. Shane [CrakkaAttaka] (no lunch)
5. Glen [CrakkaAttaka] (no lunch)
6. Ycare
7. EL Brandoninjapan
8. Yann [Ycare]
9. WeirdRajah
10. WeirdRani
11. Sarperdon
13. ilovemystrat rides with anarchy
14. Naerhu
15. Hans Menski [Naerhu] Rentals: M4, facemask goggles
16. Kana Nakamura "jumbie" [Naerhu] Rentals: M4, facemask goggles
17. Caroline "Tiger" [Naerhu]
18. James Sugrue [Naerhu] Rentals: G3 SG1, Facemask goggles
20. Toshi Kaneko (morning only) [Naerhu]
21. tifast (until 1430hrs) looking for a ride around Tokyo
22. FarEast
23. MikeT
24. Ghost
25. Naomi [Ycare]
26. Aouwra
27. Asuka [Ycare]
28. Royce [CrakkaAttaka]
29. Ryo [dstole]
30. Junya [dstole]
31. lifes26
32. tower8
33. hazard
34. tiBoun rides with Anarchy
35. D-train
36. Pierre
37. Dak
38. Matt
39. Trigger
40. Limbas (ASTIG1521)
41. Charles (ASTIG1521)
42. Tammy (ASTIG1521)
43. Tagami (JGSDF)
44. Hachisuka (JGSDF) Lady SDF
45. Sam Loutzenheiser
46. Chris Tan
47. Akiko Tan
48. Kristine Mizukami
49. Hideyuki
50. Yasue Arise
51. Leon Ikeda
52. Jon Pappas

MIA (2)
12. Echo19
19. Murakami-san [Naerhu]

Tentative Attendees / 出席未定 (5)
Entalzar (no lunch)
Malaya [Astig1521]
MikeT's Invite

*** MESSAGE ME IF I MISSED ANYONE PLS / 出席リストから漏れがありましたらご連絡ください ***
This is my first post as i just signed up yesterday.
Some friends and I have been playing mainly CQB games in Saitama, and just discovered your website. We would like to come along to the SEALS game. We will probably be a group of 2 minimum, possibly 4.

Look forward to meeting up.
Thanks for signing up dstole!
I'm in too ! Whether by train, bike, or someone's car. 2 alternatives confirmed possible and 1 not sure, so anyway it's fine for me ^_^

I'm basically gonna be in as many game as I can for this summer, unless something shows up on Saturday evening/Sunday, and until I'm dead tired and my guns stop working Big Grin

Oh, and Anarchy, I'm a bit concerned about leaving my number and email in a forum accessible to all, especially spamming bots and sales system. Can I just PM you ?

That's probably better, I'll change the procedure to use PMs for signing up, thanks ^_^
Put me down as tentative
Same here Wink
ahem, put me as tentative. I may make it for the morning session only. Wifey says we have some musical at 17:00 ConfusedDodgy
tentative please!!
Added Chuckles, Hawk, tifast, Echo19 to tentative
tentative pending work schedule... thanks Smile

[EDIT : Added]
Need a ride to attend, any open places available from Yokohama area?
Please count me in as tentative.
(16-04-2009, 08:00 PM)FarEast Wrote: Need a ride to attend, any open places available from Yokohama area?

Not at the moment currently, alternatively could always get there by train.
Add +1 tentative for me please ! (Me confirmed, friend is tentative)

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