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TKOverkill Forum Back on track!
Hi all!!

As you're aware my computer server at home went down in early Sept and I was in Hong Kong for that duration. In Oct I set up a temporary forum (this forum).

Well I'm back in Tokyo, and managed to get my computer back up and I've also managed to re-load all the old articles from the old phpBB forum to this one. So the good news is that all the articles are back up!

Work is till not finished yet, there are duplicate members of which old members have started using new login names and new e-mails so I cannot tell which old member to match with new member. I've done some of those that I know but I'm sure there are still duplicate members out there.

I'll try to dump the member names in this forum (later post) and if you can please tell me :-

1) your old login
2) your new

And I'll merge your old login to your new.

Thank you!

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