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Rules (English)
Safety Rules
1. Eye Protection
- Always wear eye protection in the game zone. (Goggles, Full Face Mask, Shooting Glasses) NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Gun Safety
- Turn on safety on all guns when in the safety zone.
- No loaded guns in safety zone (no mags in guns, empty chamber)
- Test fire at test range or game zone.
- When testing in the game zone yell out "Test Fire"

3. Power Safety
- 0.9891J (6mm bb) Legal Limit or Field Limit, whichever is lower.
- Each player is responsible for making sure their guns are within limit. If an over-limit complaint is received, spot checks will be conducted.

4. Play Safety
- No Blind Fire (i.e. You must look in the direction where you are shooting.)
- Don't move objects in the field. (i.e. barrels, props, etc)
- Don't use excessive force (i.e. pushing or kicking doors, etc)
- Grenades to be tossed underarm at rolling to low force of no further than 25 feet.

Honor System
1. Airsoft is very much a gentleman's sport and remember we play to have fun.
2. Cheaters are not welcome but we all understand no one is perfect, do your best to follow the honor system.
3. Respect your opponents efforts by acknowledging their shots. It doesn't always come easy to get a kill.
4. If someone is not honouring shots, bring it up with your GR at the safety area in calm, positive and open manner.

Rules of Engagement
1. What counts as a HIT?
- All direct hits to the BODY, EQUIPMENT, WEAPON, etc.
- All direct hits through a BUSHES, HOLES, CRACKS, etc.
- When you're in doubt of where a shot came're out.
- No false "HIT" calls.

2. What doesn't count as a HIT?
- Ricochet shots
- Glass shots
- If the BB didn't hit you then it doesn't count

3. What to do when HIT?
- Call the hit by shouting "Hit!"
- Raise arms and or weapon in the air.
- Return to safety zone.

4. Don't Dos
- No Touch Kills
- No calling I HIT YOU's on your opponent. Each player is responsible for their own honor in the game.
- No conversations in the field (i.e. resolve hit disputes, etc)
- No shooting or looking out of bounds of the game zone.

5. Close Range Encounters
- Try to restrict usage of full-auto fire on your opponent.
- Try to aim away from the head area.

6. Medic Rules
- Patient stays where he/she's been hit. Patient cannot move
- Patient assumes a kneeling post with one hand in the air calling "Medic"
- Patient can only be healed twice (one band per arm). If hit for the 3rd time, patient is dead an head back to base.
- Medic must approach & apply the arm band onto victim him/herself. Patient not allowed to heal him/herself from an arm band given/thrown to the patient.
- Medic cannot heal him/herself. However Medic can relinquish his/her role to a team member on the field and that new medic can heal the former medic.

Equipment Guidelines [NEW]
1. BB Consumption
- bb-limits are decided by game modifiers and game scenarios. [MORE INFO HERE]
- Moscarts/Grenades/Claymores follow the same power limit rules but DO NOT count towards bb-limits when bb-limits are in effect.

2. Pyrotechnics
- Pyro (flares, smoke grenades, basically anything that combusts when used) is strictly prohibited.

3. Armbands
- Regular players bring their own yellow, red, blue & green armbands. Newbies will have tape prepared

4. Pistols
- We have some pistol-only games so bring one if you can.

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